Yurt Wedding Devon with Yurts for Life

Last week I was invited along to a ‘not a wedding’ yurt event taking place in a secret walled garden in Devon. Anyone that knows me will know that this sort of event is right up my street. I would live in a yurt if I could convince the other half that it was a good idea. So far he’s not convinced, not even a tiny bit but I’m hoping to wear him down eventually.  Continue reading “Yurt Wedding Devon with Yurts for Life”

Zero Waste Home: The Ultimate Guide to Simplifying Your Life – Book Review

Zero waste is a concept that I have become increasingly interested in. After studying environmental and energy studies at university it became very clear that recycling is not the answer! The answer is to create less waste in the first place. If we have less waste to start with there is less waste to have to deal with. It’s quite simple when you stop to think about it.  Continue reading “Zero Waste Home: The Ultimate Guide to Simplifying Your Life – Book Review”

How to Turn Nappies into Rewards with Pampers Club

When my two were younger we seemed to go through an endless amount of nappies each week. There was a point where both of mine were in nappies at the same time and I just seemed to spend my life buying more. Thankfully we are now well past the nappies stage but I recently came across something which I thought would interest parents still in that stage.  Continue reading “How to Turn Nappies into Rewards with Pampers Club”

5 Top Tips for Moving House

Now that our house is on the market I have already started thinking about the move. We have moved a lot, sometimes twice in one year. I don’t think it matters how many times you do it, it’s always going to be stressful; according to a recent study it’s more stressful than divorce! There are however a few simple tips and tricks that can make the whole experience that bit more bearable. Continue reading “5 Top Tips for Moving House”

Moorland Garden Hotel – Review

A few weekends ago we were invited along to the Moorland Garden Hotel located on the edge of Dartmoor.

The Hotel

After having a quick look on their website and discovering it was a four star hotel located in a secluded spot on Dartmoor with its own helipad I had high expectations.

‘Nestling in nine acres of picturesque and tranquil moorland garden.’

Continue reading “Moorland Garden Hotel – Review”

Experience a Taste of the Deep South in Exeter with Absurd Bird

My obsession with the Deep South is ever growing mainly due to shows like The Originals and True Blood. Yes I may be a little bit addicted to vampires but who doesn’t love a bad boy with fangs, right?

Forget New York or Los Angeles, If I ever go back to America the Deep South is where I would be heading.  Continue reading “Experience a Taste of the Deep South in Exeter with Absurd Bird”