10 Fruits & Vegetables that Regrow Every Year

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Growing your own food can be very rewarding but it can also be hard work. Over the years we have attempted to grow all sorts of different foods. Some things have required minimal effort and others we have struggled with.

10 Fruits & Vegetables that Regrow Every YearThe easiest foods to grow are ones that regrow every year without much input from you.

I’m one of those people that loves the idea of growing all of our food. I enjoy the initial planting and deciding what to grow but then I forget to maintain the plants.

The only foods I’m good at growing are those that require minimal maintenance.

Today I thought I would list 10 fruit & vegetables that regrow every year. If you like the thought of growing your own food but don’t want the hassle of planting every year then this is the post for you.


Fruits & Vegetables that Regrow Every Year


Apples along with a lot of other fruit trees will regrow every year without any replanting involved. To get the best from your trees you will need to prune them at the right time though.


You can regrow avocado from the stone in the middle. The best way to do this is to suspend the seed (stone) over water with toothpicks. Only half of the seed needs to be in the water. Keep it in a warm place but not in direct sunlight and the roots will regrow in around 4 – 6 weeks.


A blackberry plant once established will regrow every year without any human intervention. You only have to look at the hedgerows in the country to see that. Blackberry plants are incredibly hardy and can spread quite fast. If you want to contain where it grows it’s best to use large pots.


Celery, like avocado, is another food that can be grown from its own scraps. Simply put the base of the stalks in shallow water on your windowsill. Change the water daily to keep it fresh and your celery will start to grow.

Once it starts to grow you can then replant it in soil. If you get it right you may never have to buy celery every again!

If you want to preserve the life of your celery then you can put it in a jug of water in your fridge. We have ours in a pint glass in the door. It last 3 times as long this way.


Unlike the fruit trees, garlic requires human intervention to regrow. You need to replant one clove and it will grow again into another bulb. Of all of the foods, we grew on our allotment garlic was one of the easiest, although it does require regular watering.

Like celery, if you get it right you won’t have to buy garlic every again.


If planted correctly ginger should always produce roots which regrow. New buds should appear within a week of planting.



Leeks work on the same principle as celery. Simply replant the base and it should regrow.


Raspberries, like blackberries, once planted will regrow every year without you having to do anything to them. Again, they are best planted in large pots to restrict where they grow.


Rhubarb once established should regrow every year. I planted rhubarb for the first time last year. It grows well it a large pot and has already regrown this year without me doing anything to it.

Although, it does appear to have been attacked by some sort of bug as the leaves have lots of holes in them!

Fruits & Vegetables that Regrow Every Year


Strawberries are great for the beginner gardener as they are really easy to grow. The will regrow every year without human intervention. It’s best to plant them in pots of hanging baskets as they do spread!

I have also been told that you should harvest the strawberries for 3 years and then replant new ones.


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