15 Of The Best Ted Talks On Minimalism You Need To Watch Now!

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If you’re a regular here at Gypsy Soul then you’ll already know that we have been on a minimalism journey now for about 3 years now. It’s definitely not something that you can achieve overnight but with perseverance, you can get there and believe me it’s so worth it. 

15 Of the Best Ted Talks on Minimalsim that You Need To Watch Now! #Minimalism #SimpleLiving #Minimalist

Find out here how I finally got our home in order once and for all. Without getting too gushy and emotional, minimalism really has changed our lives.

Our home is organised and generally stays that way. I spend a quarter of the time cleaning than I used to and we now have so much more free time to do the things we really love.

Having less stuff has definitely resulted in less stress for us.


So what is a TED talk? 

In case you’re not familiar TED is a nonprofit media organisation devoted to spreading great ideas. All of the talks are 18 minutes or less so perfect if you’re short on time. They have talks on thousands of different topics. Today I thought I’d share my favourite Ted talks on minimalism with you.

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Here are 15 Ted Talks on Minimalism 

Adam Baker: Sell your Crap. Pay your Debt. Do What You Love

Duration 18:00

Amy Henion: How Can Tiny Houses Offer The Ultimate Freedom To Our Generation?

Duration 14:16

Andrew Morrison: Tiny House Movement

Duration 16:46

Angela Horn: The Less You Own, The More You Have

Duration 12:57

David Friedlander: Less: The Lifestyle

Duration 18:00

Erin & Dondi Harner: Tiny Home, Big Life – An Experiment in Simple Living

Duration 15:28

Minimalistic bathroom

Grahan Hill: Less Stuff, More Happiness

Duration 5:49

Grant Blakeman: Minimalism – For a More Full Life

Duration 3:25

Jennifer L.Scott: The Ten-Item Wardrobe

Duration 13.54

Jon Jandai: Life is Easy. Why Do We Make It So Hard

Duration 15:09

Kim Coupounas: The Joy Of Less

Duration 9:33

Mark Boyle: The Moneyless Man

Duration 15:09

Marty Stano: Adventures with Minimalism and Happiness

Duration 18:00

The Minimalists: A Rich Life with Less Stuff

Duration 14:57

The Minimalists: The Art of Letting Go

I really hope you enjoy the talks and feel inspired to minimise your own life after watching them.

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