3 Tools To Take Your DIY Decor To New Heights

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Far too often, we think of the term “DIY” only with regard to repairs and renovations. The term can certainly apply to things like that, but for a lot of people there’s also a certain thrill or charm to applying the DIY mentality to decor! During the spring and summer when a lot of us focus on revamping home and yard designs, the idea of doing a hands-on project to improve decor can be very appealing. If you get really into it, you might even be able to line up a full summer’s worth of crafting and building projects.

Part of the fun of DIY decorating is in finding creative ways to make projects work. But to really make the most of your time and create professional quality decorations (whether that means furniture, hanging ornaments, or anything in between), you’ll probably want a few helpful tools on hand. Here are a few that can really take your DIY efforts to the next level.

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A Spray Painter

A lot of home crafting and decoration projects involve painting at one stage or another, and most people will simply go about this with a brush or roller. That’s perfectly fine, but it’s worth noting that sometimes a spray painter can do the job a little bit better. In most cases using a spray painter is less tedious, and generally gives a smoother, uniform paint surface, whereas brushstrokes or roller marks, especially from an amateur painter, can leave things uneven. It’s not always a huge distinction, but spray painters are fairly affordable and can significantly enhance the paint job you apply to any sort of decorative project (but particularly larger ones).

A Bandsaw

This may sound a little more involved than your average tool or piece of equipment for a home crafting project, but a bandsaw can help you with some of the bigger jobs you might think of, like creating your own furniture or building garden pieces like birdhouses or benches. Such projects can be completed without a bandsaw as well, but these tools can help to cut irregular shapes and do work on heavier materials, which in some ways makes them more helpful than traditional handsaws. Curved edges and thick pieces of wood are just better handled with a bandsaw, and because of that you may even find that having a tool like this expands your range of options when it comes to DIY decor.

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A 3D Printer

Okay, so some might consider this to be cheating, as it is a little bit of a shortcut where hands-on projects are concerned. But it’s also a lot of fun! Somewhat surprisingly, 3D printers have actually become relatively affordable, so much that they make excellent pieces of equipment for people who like to do little decorative projects around the house on a regular basis. A couple years ago (before 3D printers were nearly as widespread as they are now) an article showed the potential of home decorations made with these devices, and some of the art that people came up with is astounding. Naturally those are pretty ambitious projects but even a smaller, cheap printer can open new doors for your decor ambitions.

These tools cover a wide range, but all together they can definitely take your DIY efforts up a notch! With even one of these items, you’ll be able to do all kinds of fun new projects you might not otherwise have considered.


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