5 Top Tips for Decorating on a Budget & Helping the Planet

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Just because you do not have much money to spend when you are redecorating, doesn’t mean you can’t achieve the desired look in your home. There are several simple things you can do to reduce costs, while still achieving the distinct look and style no matter which rooms of the home you plan on renovating.

With a bit of thought, you can also minimise your impact on the planet whilst redecorating. Consider a few of these tips to save money, help the planet and create a space you are going to love living in.

Second-hand Items

Trade items with friends. You know how you trade clothing or do swap-parties? You can do the same with furniture. You can find something of theirs you love and vice-versa. In addition to being free, it is a dated piece so it is going to give your home that touch of elegance.

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Consider Charity Shops

This is another option to consider when trying to save. Instead of trading, you can buy used items. You can find lamps, blinds, tables and other items at consignment or second-hand shops for as low as a few pounds.

You can easily refinish these items, stain them or paint them in order to recreate the look so they will fit in with the décor you have in place in your home.

Having previously worked in charity shops for over 8 years I know for a fact that they get a lot of good items in. Some things are even brand new. It may take a little longer to find the right items for your home but the cost saving makes it worth it.

Charity shop


Recycle what you own. Stain, refinish, paint and modify the current furniture that you already own to give it new life. In addition to keeping the elegant charm and style you love this is a great way for you to fix or update a piece you were going to otherwise get rid of for only a few pounds and give it new life in your home.

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This is a great idea with upholstery or other similar items like chairs. You can reupholster something that is damaged or doesn’t look that great. It is cheap, efficient and a simple way for you to keep the items you own and love in the home without having to overspend in order to refinish and redecorate the spaces you are working on in your home.

refurbish an old armchair


5 top tips for decorating on a budget and helping the planet #HomeDecor #Home #GreenLiving Of course, you can do the work yourself. This goes from painting the rooms of your home, laying new carpet, building your own furniture or doing other small jobs like resurfacing a table.

In addition to giving the furniture your own distinct style and detail work. You can do the work yourself, you can feel proud of how your home is going to look and best of all, you are not going to pay some over-priced local retailer for furniture that doesn’t fit into your home when you are redecorating the entire space.

Regardless of the look, style, or décor, you love there are ways to achieve it even if you do not have much to spend. These are a few simple tricks to incorporate when redecorating if you are on a budget and want to entirely recreate the spaces of the home you are working on in the process.

What are your top tips for decorating on a budget? 

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