5 Top Tips for Moving House

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Now that our house is on the market I have already started thinking about the move. We have moved a lot, sometimes twice in one year. I don’t think it matters how many times you do it, it’s always going to be stressful; according to a recent study it’s more stressful than divorce! There are however a few simple tips and tricks that can make the whole experience that bit more bearable.

5 Top Tips for Moving House

Here are my top 5 tips for moving house…


The best thing you can do in preparation of moving is have a massive clear out before you start to pack anything. Get rid of anything that you no longer use. That item that has been stored in the cupboard because one day you will get around to fixing it, throw it away. That cupboard full of jam jars that you’ve kept because you will make jam one day, get rid of them.  The less you have to pack the easier the whole process will be.

Stock up on Boxes

One thing that I have learnt from moving so often is you can never have enough boxes. As soon as you know that a house move is imminent start hoarding boxes like a crazy person. Ask friends and family to keep boxes for you, get onto freecycle and ask for boxes, harass your local supermarket, do what you need to do to get as many as possible.

Tip: Don’t just get big moving boxes, you’ll also need smaller ones for heavier items.

Hoard Newspapers

As well as hoarding boxes you’re also going to want to get a massive stash of newspaper or bubble wrap. Again ask friends to keep theirs for you or get onto freecycle. Freecycle is great for moving!

Label Everything!

There is nothing worse then moving into your new home with a ton of boxes and you have no idea what’s in them. Seriously label everything, from that one box that has a large teddy in it to the box full of towels. Don’t just label the box ‘teddy’ also mark which room you intend it to go in once at the new property. If everything is labelled then at least the boxes will end up in the right rooms at the other end.

Recruit Family & Friends to Help

Unless you are fortunate enough to afford hiring a specialist moving company you are likely to be doing the move yourself. Now is the time to start recruiting help from your friends and family. Perhaps someone can have the children for the day for you or maybe someone can help with lifting the heavier items. The more help you can get the better.

A nice thing to do is reward everyone afterwards with drinks at the pub or perhaps plan a big bbq for when you are settled in. Have a think about how you can say thank you to everyone for their help.


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