What is this Blog?

Gypsy Soul is a bohemian and lifestyle blog. The purpose of it is to share our experiences with you.

Who am I?

Gina Caro

My name is Gina Caro, a  failed hippy, I have moved house approximately 25 times in my life (you start to lose count after a while). I was definitely ‘Born To Roam’ and it’s just lucky that I have found someone that puts up with my itchy feet.

At present we are living the 2.4 life in Devon (complete with the Volvo!) We thought this would be a life that would suit us but already we are both thinking about the next adventure.

We have a few ideas in mind and it’s just a case of deciding which one to go for now so I guess it’s just a case of watch this space!

What I Did Pre-Children

In my past, child free, life I was working towards my Masters in Advanced Architecture: Environmental & Energy studies. I was especially interested in straw bale building. I got to go out to Italy to work on an amazing straw bale house, it was great fun. I spent 8 years working for Cancer Research UK and I use to live in a cabin at the bottom of my parents garden.

What I Do Now

These days I am a work at home Mummy. I’m a freelance writer, I’m the editor for Mumsnet Devon and Mumsnet Plymouth.

I’m constantly trying to ‘find myself’ and live a more frugal sustainable live. If such a thing is possible?


I write a lot of thrifty posts. I have always been quite a frugal person and I have slowly but surely made the other half that way too. We NEVER buy anything at full price any more!



In the Summer months we spend most of our lives down in Cornwall on our boat. We love exploring the area and spending time together as a family completely ‘unplugged’. You can read more of our boating adventures on our Water Gypsy blog.

Personally I love travel although it can be hard to do with two kiddies that are in mainstream school and a dog. This is why the boat works for us as we can all be together as a family.



I write quite a bit about simplifying and organising our home. We will live minimalistically if it kills me! I have been on a major decluttering mission for about a year now and I’m proud to say that I have got rid of around 75% of our stuff.

With every bag that goes out of the door our feel lighter and less stressed. It’s certainly an ongoing project.

Home decor


As well as trying to live more minimalistically I’m also constantly trying to increase our general wellbeing with natural living products and ideals.


I have been blogging now since 2011 and over that time I have learnt lots of new skills. It has taken time and patience to get to where I am today and I’m proud to say that I now earn a living from my blog.

I occasionally share posts on this blog relating to blogging that I think others may find useful. If you are interested in starting your own money making blog then visit my Start a Blog page.


Lastly I share quite a few posts relating to living in Devon. We moved here in 2011 and we love it! There is so much to see and do and everyone is really friendly. It’s a great place to have a base whilst raising a family.

Meet the Family

Meet Phil


Phil works way to hard to provide for us and would do anything for us. He’s been a sailor basically since he could walk and only ever seems to relax when we are on the water.

Meet Henry


Henry’s a very kind boy and loves his younger sister very much. He enjoys school and is very academic, by the age of 4 he could read almost anything. He has this amazing ability to absorb and retain facts.  He’s our own personal little Google.

Meet Lowenna


She enjoys craft activities, cooking and winding her brother up to the point where he snaps. She is very bossy and if she doesn’t want to do something she won’t, simple as that. She is the ultimate contrary Mary.

Meet Charles

Charles the Cavachon

He spends most of his life lying at my feet while I work. He also feels the need to accompany me to the toilet EVERY time I go, just in case I get lonely.

So there you have it, our life in a nutshell.

I do hope that you enjoy reading my blog and don’t forget to say hello.
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Thanks for reading!

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5 thoughts on “About

  1. Just stumbled across your blog and I love it – you seem mint! haha Im tots joining in your linky…thriftiness is my life pursuit haha and oh yes, I get bored easily and still trying to figure out what I want to do in life haha x

  2. Hi Mary, Thank you for stopping by! Please do link up any thrifty posts you have I’d love to see them.

  3. Love it…a cool mama that lives in Devon…I’m a single mama that would love to start a blog about being an authentic single mama the highs the lows, what helps me, being thirty, days out that don’t cost a lot, meeting up with fellow mums but I know nothing about blogs…would you be willing to share some tips…just want to help other mums who may be stripuggling sometimes X big love to you and your fam a lam x

  4. Hi Nina, Nice to meet you!

    I have loads of tips in an ebook that I’m currently writing but it’s not finished yet 🙁

    A lot of bloggers start with a free blog on either WordPress or Blogger and just go from there it depends on what you want to achieve really. If you just want an online journal, documenting what you get up to then a free blog is the best way to go. If however you’d like blogging to become your new job and earn a living from it then you would need to get a self hosted blog which means you have to pay for hosting each month. I hope that makes sense?

    Happy to answer any other specific questions that you have 🙂

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