An Easy Way To Make Money On Your Blog

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When I tell people that I work from home the next question inevitable is

‘How do you make money working at home?’

I always dread that question because it’s never a straight forward answer. I have a lot of different ways that I make money and when they are all added together it makes a good income. Today I’m going to tell you about the newest way that I have been making a bit of extra cash on my blog.

Better Vouchers

I have recently started using a site called Better Vouchers it is an online voucher site that has discount codes for hundreds of different things. They have money off vouchers for virtually anything including food & drink, going out, travel, fashion and utilities. It’s a really handy site for the thrifty minded.

‘Hand-Picked, Better Vouchers for the Smart Saver

If it doesn’t save you at least £10 or 10%, you won’t find it here’


Make Money From Better Vouchers

You can make money on you blog from Better Vouchers by signing up as a publisher here (which is free) and displaying the discount links at the bottom of your posts. It’s very small and unobtrusive and the return is very good.

It is really easy to set up an account and get started. It also runs itself so you don’t need to keep monitoring it unless you want to of course. Here is an example of how it looks on you site…


As you can see it is simply a box at the bottom of one of my posts. This particular post was about the store The Works and the voucher link that has been placed on my site is for The Works. You see how it works? Now I’ve just mentioned The Works in this post you will probably now find a discount for there at the bottom of this post. It’s a very nifty plugin.

You earn 75% of all the revenue you generate!

Another way of earning with Better Vouchers is by referring the site to others. Exactly what I am doing now. I write about the site and my experiences of it and if you now like the sound of it you can click on the links in this post and start using it yourself. I will then get a bit of cash for recommending it to you. Obviously you should only do this if you generally like the site and have had a good experience using it. I’d never recommend anything that I didn’t think worthy! Just had to point that out there.

Getting Started with Better Vouchers

Once you have registered and set up your free account you need to install a WordPress plugin on you site in order to start displaying your personalised offers.

You can the monitor how it’s going and how much money you are making in your dashboard area of the Better Vouchers site. Here you can find out how many active campaigns you have, the total number of clicks, total number of transactions and total sum of commissions.

In Summary

  • I am generally really impressed with the way it all works.
  • I like it because it gives something to my readers as well as a little something for me.
  • It’s good because you don’t have to input any bank account details until you start making. money from it.
  • I’m impressed with the way the offers are displayed on your site.
  • It’s easy to set up and use.
  • The revenue you generate is very good.
  • I would definitely recommended checking it out for your site.

**Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links**

8 thoughts on “An Easy Way To Make Money On Your Blog

  1. Oh wow I never heard of this site but it’s nice to see it benefits your readers and your blog 🙂 I will check it out!

  2. It’s definitely worth giving it a go Kristina especially as you have a lot of fashion posts on you site. It would give discounts for any labels or brands that you mention in you posts.

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