How I Announced my #GEORGEousBump When We Were Expecting

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I first knew I was pregnant at just two weeks! I remember the moment as if it was yesterday. It was nearly 8 years ago now and I was working for Cancer Research UK in one of their Tunbridge Wells stores. I was busy sorting through the donations when I suddenly thought ‘Oh my god I’m pregnant’. I have no idea what lead me to think that as I wasn’t ‘late’, I didn’t feel sick, infact I’d not had a single sign or symptom of pregnancy. For some reason I just knew I was. I dropped the bags I was sorting and headed straight to the local pharmacy to buy a test.

One pee later and my hunch had been confirmed. I have always prided myself in being in tune with my body but this took it to another level. There was a line, it was very faint but it was definitely there. This happened in the morning and I still had a whole day of work to get through. It was the longest day of my life so far!

When I finally got home I met the other half in the pub for a (non-alcoholic) drink and unable to contain myself I told him that I had something that I needed to tell him but I wanted to wait until we were alone at home. This sent him into major panic and he immediately assumed the worst. I took him outside to reassure him it wasn’t anything bad but he was having none of it and insisted that I told him right there and then. So right there in the garden of the pub I told him that I was pregnant and I’m relieved to say that he was delighted. So that is how I broke the news to the other half, everyone else would have to wait longer as I wanted to go to the doctors first to have it confirmed.

The next day I had a doctors appointment and told her that I’d taken a test and it was positive. She asked me the usual questions like when my last period was and when I gave her my answer she frowned. She then proceeded to tell me that that would mean I’m only about two weeks pregnant and she was amazed it even showed up on the test. She then went on to tell me not to get my hopes up as a lot of women get pregnant and then lose it when they get their next period but most women don’t even know they were pregnant in the first place. This of course sent me into major panic, I had just discovered I was pregnant and now the doctor was telling me it was likely I’d lose it! Sensing my panic she tried to reassure me by saying I should just be patient and see what happens, if I made it passed the due date of my next period then all should be fine. Needless to say I went home feeling pretty crap.

The next two weeks seemed to last forever but I’m happy to report that I did indeed make it past my next period due date, still pregnant.

Pregnancy Stages

We still hadn’t told anyone at this point as we wanted to make sure that all was well but once we got past this point we thought it was safe to tell our parents and siblings. We waited until we got past the 12 week scan to tell others.

At the time I was pregnant we lived in a small village where everyone knew everyone else’s business. There were no secrets so trying to hide a pregnancy was not easy. When I felt the time was right I invited all of the girls from the village around to our house for drinks. It was then that I announced the pregnancy. There was no fancy Instagram posts or quirky baby coming announcements on Facebook just a room full of women. After I told everyone they all got really drunk to celebrate while I watched and lucky for them I have photographic evidence to prove it!


This post is part of the George at Asda ‘How did you break the news about your #GEORGEous bump’ campaign. They have created a lovely piece called Maternity Matters sharing the happy news featuring other UK Mummy bloggers sharing their bump news stories.


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