Borrow-it App Review

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Anyone that reads my blog will already know that I’m a big fan of reusing items and reducing landfill waste wherever possible. This is why when I was told about a new app called Borrow-it my ears pricked up.

Borrow-it app


‘Borrow-it is an app that is creating an ever growing online community of borrowers and lenders.’

How it Works?

The app works in two ways…

Borrowing: you can search for an item that you wish to borrow. If you can’t find the item that you are after you can also put out a request for an item.

Lending: you can upload an item that you wish to lend out for a borrowing fee. You can set your own hire charge.

Borrow-it app

Borrower and lender communicate anonymously to decide between them whether to go ahead. Once everyone is happy in terms of the loan and borrowing fee, contact details are then exchanged to arrange the exchange of the item. All payments are made through Paypal. The app sends out a reminder when the item is due to be returned.

The app is free to download and available on the app store.

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What I Like About the Borrow-it App

  • It’s free to download
  • Registration is free, quick and easy to do
  • It helps to keep household items out of landfill
  • It saves you money
  • You can make money from it
  • It creates a sense of community

My Thoughts on the App

I plan to add a few bits onto the app to loan out including our garden party gazebo which is one of those things that we bought for our daughters birthday party and haven’t used again since. It would be great if I could make some money back by loaning it out to others whilst also helping them out by saving them having to buy one themselves, which would cost a lot more money than I intend to rent it out for.

This app is perfect for those household items that you need for a certain job but will probably never use again. Time to dig out that old wallpaper stripper that has been buried in your garage for the last few years.

Download it for Free

If you would like to try out the app for yourself you can find out more and download it on the Borrow-it app microsite

The new Borrow-it app - BORROW, LEND, EARN, SAVE, CONNECT


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4 thoughts on “Borrow-it App Review

  1. You can also do this through sites such as – though they don’t seem to have many users near me so will definitely be checking out this app. Great idea.

    1. This app is very new so I guess it will take time for users to start using it although saying that there are quite a few users already on there from my area (Devon).

  2. What a great idea. I’d be nervous about things not being returned or them getting damaged but I suppose you have to factor that in.
    Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested this week x

    1. They do cover what to do in the event of something happening to your item in there FAQ’s section on the microsite. They advise that you agree on a returnable security deposits beforehand for any high price items. At least then you know if it doesn’t come back for whatever reason you’ve got the cash to cover the cost of it.

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