Bring out the Balloons

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Today Lowenna attended her first birthday party without her big brother. She has been to parties before but only because Henry has been invited so she goes along as well. However the invite for this party was just for her.
So I got her all dressed up in her pretty party dress (£10 from Tesco, bargain!) dropped Henry at preschool and off we went. I think I was more excited than her.
When we got to the party she just sat on my lap and wouldn’t move. She got down a few times if something caught her eye but was soon back in the comfort of my arms. I kept asking her if she wanted to get down and play but the only answer I got was “No No”.
I’ve always thought she was quite a confident child because whenever we go anywhere she gets straight into it, playing with the toys that are on offer or chatting away in her toddler babble to the other children. What I have now realised is that she is confident but only when her big brother is there to show her the way.
Anyway the time came to leave, it was a lovely party which she spent more time observing than participating in. That was Lowenna’s first experience of a party without her brother. Although all of that watching must have worn her out because she fell asleep straight away in the car, clutching the contents of her party bag.

6 thoughts on “Bring out the Balloons

  1. Oh bless her! Sounds like my daughter who is 18 months old, she’s quite shy and takes her time to suss out a situation, especially if her big brother isn’t there. Glad LJ enjoyed herself though xx

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