iPage Blog Hosting Review – Should you use them for your Blog?

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One of the most common questions I get asked about blogging is how do I make money from it. There is never a straight forward answer to that and would be worthy of an entire blog post on its own. The second question is what’s the difference between hosted and self-hosted? Continue reading “iPage Blog Hosting Review – Should you use them for your Blog?”

Meet a Devon Blogger – Harriet from Coffee & Bubbles

Since starting up the Devon Parent Bloggers Facebook group I have met lots of Devon bloggers; some are new and some have been blogging for years.

I sometimes feel that us bloggers down here in the West Country can get forgotten so I thought I’d start a new series called Meet a Devon Blogger. So grab yourself a cuppa and get ready to meet my first victim.  Continue reading “Meet a Devon Blogger – Harriet from Coffee & Bubbles”

You Know You’re a Blogger if…

Blogging is a funny old business, it starts off as quite innocent, you set up a site and start writing some bits down. You then start to really get into it and start writing more and more. You then get ridiculously excited when you first realise that people are actually reading what you are writing. You become obsessed with your stats and check them every 5 minutes to see who’s read what. Continue reading “You Know You’re a Blogger if…”

How To Start a WordPress Blog on iPage

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Today I thought I would create a tutorial on how to start a Wordpress blog. It’s a question that I get asked a lot so I thought it would be good to get it written down. Please note this tutorial contains affiliate links. Read my terms & conditions page for more information about this.  Continue reading “How To Start a WordPress Blog on iPage”

How to Create a Custom Blog Header using PicMonkey

Recently I have been helping a few friends to set up their own blogs and it has inspired me to create a few blog-related posts that new bloggers will, hopefully, find useful. If you’d like to know more about starting your own blog please do consider joining my free Blogging for Beginners eCourse. You can sign up at the bottom of this post. Continue reading “How to Create a Custom Blog Header using PicMonkey”