How to use Kidstart for Free Cash Back for your Children

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I am constantly on the lookout for ways to save money as well as make some extra money on the side.  A really easy way of making extra cash is by using a free cash back site whenever you shop online.  Continue reading “How to use Kidstart for Free Cash Back for your Children”

Budget Friendly Santa’s Grottos in Devon for Under £5

We all know that December is an expensive time of year, there just always seems to be some much that needs to be bought. For families you can add visiting Santa to that list, luckily there are loads of places in Devon to see the big man but the prices do vary quite substantially from place to place.  Continue reading “Budget Friendly Santa’s Grottos in Devon for Under £5”

How to Make Christmas Eve Boxes

Last year I decided to make Christmas Eve boxes for the kiddies. I had heard of others doing it and thought it was a lovely idea so decided to replicate it and introduce it as a new Christmas tradition in our house. We always have a house full at Christmas so naturally the kids are pretty wound up, I thought the boxes might give them something to focus on before bedtime on Christmas Eve.  Continue reading “How to Make Christmas Eve Boxes”

Natural Cycles – The Fertility Tracking App

According to the NHS one in seven couples have difficulty conceiving which is approximately 3.5 million people in the UK alone. Personally I was quite shocked by that statistic. There are many potential causes of infertility and also many theories which can make it frustrating for the couples involved. Continue reading “Natural Cycles – The Fertility Tracking App”

How to Turn Nappies into Rewards with Pampers Club

When my two were younger we seemed to go through an endless amount of nappies each week. There was a point where both of mine were in nappies at the same time and I just seemed to spend my life buying more. Thankfully we are now well past the nappies stage but I recently came across something which I thought would interest parents still in that stage.  Continue reading “How to Turn Nappies into Rewards with Pampers Club”

Capturing shared moments with Memory Lane

This month we have been working with Channel Mum and Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Buttons to create our very own memory lane.

What is a Memory Lane?

The memory lane tool has been created by Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Buttons and is a way of capturing and remembering those precious little shared moments of joy that you experience with your children. Continue reading “Capturing shared moments with Memory Lane”