Budget Friendly Santa’s Grottos in Devon for Under £5

We all know that December is an expensive time of year, there just always seems to be some much that needs to be bought. For families you can add visiting Santa to that list, luckily there are loads of places in Devon to see the big man but the prices do vary quite substantially from place to place.  Continue reading “Budget Friendly Santa’s Grottos in Devon for Under £5”

How to Make Christmas Eve Boxes

Last year I decided to make Christmas Eve boxes for the kiddies. I had heard of others doing it and thought it was a lovely idea so decided to replicate it and introduce it as a new Christmas tradition in our house. We always have a house full at Christmas so naturally the kids are pretty wound up, I thought the boxes might give them something to focus on before bedtime on Christmas Eve.  Continue reading “How to Make Christmas Eve Boxes”

5 Reasons Why Elf on the Shelf can go to Hell

In less you have been living under a rock the last few years I’m sure you would of heard of the latest Christmas craze known as Elf on the Shelf. In case you aren’t familiar with it let me explain… the idea behind this creepy little critter is that he comes to your home on the 1st of December to cause havoc and mayhem whilst also stalking your children right up until Christmas. Continue reading “5 Reasons Why Elf on the Shelf can go to Hell”

Devon Santa Search – Clovelly Village

Last weekend we took part in the Devon Santa Search. The first place we visited was Dartington Crystal Visitors Centre and the second place was Clovelly Village.

I have never been to Clovelly before but it has been on my ‘to visit list’ for a while now so I was really excited to finally be going there.

Clovelly Village

Clovelly is a village set on the side of a hill on the North Devon coast, sounds like a lot of other villages in Devon however Clovelly is a little different.  What is really unique about the village is that the whole place is a tourist attraction and you have to pay to enter.

Continue reading “Devon Santa Search – Clovelly Village”