Getting Started with Cloth Sanitary Pads – FAQ’s

I have now been using reusable sanitary pads for over a year and in that time I have had people ask a variety of questions about switching. Today I thought I’d answer some of those questions. Please do bear in mind thought that this is my experience of reusables and other people may have had a different experience. Continue reading “Getting Started with Cloth Sanitary Pads – FAQ’s”

How to Make Christmas Eve Boxes

Last year I decided to make Christmas Eve boxes for the kiddies. I had heard of others doing it and thought it was a lovely idea so decided to replicate it and introduce it as a new Christmas tradition in our house. We always have a house full at Christmas so naturally the kids are pretty wound up, I thought the boxes might give them something to focus on before bedtime on Christmas Eve.  Continue reading “How to Make Christmas Eve Boxes”

Matalan & Alder Hey Children’s Hospital Charity #GetYourStripes

This year Matalan have teamed up again with the Alder Hey Children’s Hospital charity.

Who is Alder Hey?

Alder Hey raises vital funds for everything from life-saving medical equipment to the development of the next generation of medicines. Every year they care for over 270,000 children, young people and their families. Continue reading “Matalan & Alder Hey Children’s Hospital Charity #GetYourStripes”

What is Hygge and Why you Should Embrace it in your Home?

There are certain ‘buzz words’ that float around every year. This year one word that I seem to be hearing a lot is Hygge (pronounced hue-gah). Hygge is a Danish word that cannot be translated exactly into one single English word. It’s more a way of life than a word. The best way to describe it is as a lifestyle craze, one of maximum comfort and coziness. It’s all about living well and living simply.  Continue reading “What is Hygge and Why you Should Embrace it in your Home?”

Hypnosis for Stress Relief & Better Sleep

Over the last couple of years my sleeping pattern has became very irregular, I constantly wake in the night for no apparent reason which is very frustrating and leaves me feeling exhausted in the morning. Couple that with a dose of sleep paralysis at least once a week it’s really starting to effect my day to day life.  Continue reading “Hypnosis for Stress Relief & Better Sleep”

Yurt Wedding Devon with Yurts for Life

Last week I was invited along to a ‘not a wedding’ yurt event taking place in a secret walled garden in Devon. Anyone that knows me will know that this sort of event is right up my street. I would live in a yurt if I could convince the other half that it was a good idea. So far he’s not convinced, not even a tiny bit but I’m hoping to wear him down eventually.  Continue reading “Yurt Wedding Devon with Yurts for Life”