Home Remedies To Have Strong And Smooth Hair

This is a guest post by Emily from the blog Love Backyard.

Hair loss has become a major problem recently. Even the hair loses its posture, and the layer containing oils to maintain its shininess and its moisture gets damaged which ultimately make it look dull. Hair is regarded as one of the important assets of the body which enhances your appearance. Obviously, it is a big deal for women to see their hair falling. Continue reading “Home Remedies To Have Strong And Smooth Hair”

Natural Anti-Ageing Skin Remedies For New Age Rebels

The quest for eternal youth is as old as humanity. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t crave youthful glowing skin? We all know that following a mindful diet, drinking plenty of water and hitting those wonderful yoga poses every day all work wonders for your body and mind, and that is definitely reflected in your skin. Continue reading “Natural Anti-Ageing Skin Remedies For New Age Rebels”

10 Reasons Why You Should Be Dry Brushing Today

Are you constantly trying out the latest skin care product? Do you spend a fortune each month on creams that guarantee to make you look 20 years younger? I must admit I used to do just that. It resulted in me having a draw filled with half used creams and lotions that didn’t do what it said on the label.  Continue reading “10 Reasons Why You Should Be Dry Brushing Today”

6 Weeks No Shampoo! – Find Out What Happened to My Hair

If you are a regular here on Gypsy Soul then you will already know that on the 1st March I decided to give ‘No-Poo’ another go after my failed attempt last time. In case you’re not familiar with the term, don’t panic I didn’t stop going to the loo. I stopped washing my hair with traditional shampoo.  Continue reading “6 Weeks No Shampoo! – Find Out What Happened to My Hair”

Natural Beauty Gifts for Mother’s Day for Under £25

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One of my aims this year is to start buying more local products and from independent retailers rather than nationwide stores. With Mother’s Day coming up I started to do a bit or research of where I could buy handmade products to give as a gift.  Continue reading “Natural Beauty Gifts for Mother’s Day for Under £25”

How To Overcome Pain Naturally

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Wherever possible I like to take a natural approach to most things in our life, whether that be our diet, beauty regimes or pain relief. I’m slowly but surely switching all of our bathroom products to natural alternatives and I’m also slowly reducing the number of chemicals we use in our home. Continue reading “How To Overcome Pain Naturally”

My Zero Waste Beauty Routine

Zero Waste is not something that happens overnight, it’s a process. It takes time to do your research and find suitable alternatives. I’ve found it helps a lot to focus on one thing or area in your house at a time, otherwise, you can seriously overwhelm yourself which in turn makes you want to give up zero waste altogether. Continue reading “My Zero Waste Beauty Routine”

Top 5 Natural Beauty Trends for 2017

I have long been a fan of natural beauty trends, in fact pretty much everything I use now is natural. I really don’t like the thought of putting chemicals on my hair or skin; I believe it can be detrimental to your long term health, therefore I’m constantly on the lookout for new natural beauty products to try.  Continue reading “Top 5 Natural Beauty Trends for 2017”