How To Overcome Pain Naturally

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Wherever possible I like to take a natural approach to most things in our life, whether that be our diet, beauty regimes or pain relief. I’m slowly but surely switching all of our bathroom products to natural alternatives and I’m also slowly reducing the number of chemicals we use in our home. Continue reading “How To Overcome Pain Naturally”

My Zero Waste Beauty Routine

Zero Waste is not something that happens overnight, it’s a process. It takes time to do your research and find suitable alternatives. I’ve found it helps a lot to focus on one thing or area in your house at a time, otherwise, you can seriously overwhelm yourself which in turn makes you want to give up zero waste altogether. Continue reading “My Zero Waste Beauty Routine”

Top 5 Natural Beauty Trends for 2017

I have long been a fan of natural beauty trends, in fact pretty much everything I use now is natural. I really don’t like the thought of putting chemicals on my hair or skin; I believe it can be detrimental to your long term health, therefore I’m constantly on the lookout for new natural beauty products to try.  Continue reading “Top 5 Natural Beauty Trends for 2017”

Switching to Natural Hair Dye

I have been dyeing my hair since I was about 13. It has been many crazy colours over the years ranging from black to blonde. However, now I’m a ‘proper’ grown up I tend to just stick to light blonde. It’s no secret that I favour natural beauty products wherever possible. I even went 7 months without washing my hair with shampoo. Continue reading “Switching to Natural Hair Dye”

Organic Skincare – Delight Touch Review

As well as my ‘trying to live a simpler life mission’ I have also been looking into switching all of the beauty products we use for natural and organic products. I hate the amount of chemicals that our skin is exposed to on a daily basis, from shampoos to washing powders. In the ideal world I’d like to get rid of everything bad in our house but that is going to take time to make the switch. I’m making a start with our beauty and bathroom products. Continue reading “Organic Skincare – Delight Touch Review”

Journey into Zero Waste Beauty

The concept of zero waste is something that I have been interested in for a long time now, right back to my uni days in Wales. However, I find even thinking about the process overwhelming. I mean where do you start?

When you actually start to take note of how much waste your family produces on a daily, weekly and monthly basis I think you’d be shocked by what you saw.

Continue reading “Journey into Zero Waste Beauty”

skinade Review – Better Skin from Within

Over the past month I have been trialling a product called Skinade which is a drink filled with collagen. You can read about how this started in my Better Skin Comes From Within post.

About skinade

skinade is a multi-award winning, natural peach and mangosteen flavoured anti-ageing collagen drink containing a patent pending formulation of active ingredients that boosts your body’s natural production of collagen and hyaluronic acid. skinade improves the way your skin looks and feels in as little as 30 days.  Continue reading “skinade Review – Better Skin from Within”

Better Skin Comes From Within

I very rarely use any kind of beauty products. I believe that they are not only a complete waste of money but also very misleading. There seems to be a cream for everything these days from wrinkle reducers to skin perfecters. All these products do is cost you a lot of money and clog up your pores not to mention the amount of unnatural substances that you are smothering into you skin. Can you tell I’m not a fan?

My current beauty regime involves Continue reading “Better Skin Comes From Within”

Week Two of No Poo – Giving up Shampoo

So it has been 9 days since I last washed my hair with shampoo!


Week Two of No Poo

And as you can see from the photo, it’s starting to look greasy and very flat. It won’t curl at the moment and the roots are stuck t0o my head and the ends are still frizzy!! In short, I look and feel rather gross. My skin has also erupted in spots (lovely) but that’s not unusual for my skin so it could just be a coincidence.



Instead of shampoo so far I have used an egg and lemon mixture (which was lovely and my hair felt really soft afterwards) and just water while massaging my head to move the oils around.
I last washed my hair with just water 3 days ago and it looks pretty greasy today.



Tonight I’m going to try my *cassia obovata powder as we are going out for dinner tomorrow night and I really don’t want to go out with a greasy mop!
I’m slightly concerned about doing this as apparently sometimes it can make your hair turn green!! Let’s hope that doesn’t happen!

What is Cassia Obovata?

Cassia Obovata, also know as Senna Obovata, is a powder that looks a lot like henna. Henna however dyes you hair a reddish colour whereas the cassia obovata won’t. Apparently, it makes an excellent conditioner for your hair leaving it glossy and think.

I’ll put up another post tomorrow showing you how it turned out, wish me luck.
All I’m thinking right now is this better be worth it!!