5 Simple Ways You Can Be Eco-Friendly Every Day

Taking care of the environment is a responsibility we are all born with, but very few live up to it. Fortunately, this task is being recognised by many and measures are now being taken to ensure the environment is protected. Change is only possible through incorporation of eco-friendly practices on a daily basis. Continue reading “5 Simple Ways You Can Be Eco-Friendly Every Day”

7 Frugal Ways to Use Less Plastic in your Family Home and Save Money

Sometimes, being eco-friendly seems to cost more but it doesn’t always have to be that way. In honour of Plastic Free July, Arabella from Exeter Baby Activities shares 7 frugal ways your family can use less plastic and save money. Fabulous for your wallet and the planet! Continue reading “7 Frugal Ways to Use Less Plastic in your Family Home and Save Money”

Smart Thermostats: Energy Efficient Heating

Reducing our energy usage and having an energy efficient home is very important to us. Not only does it save us a load of money every year it also means we are doing our bit for the planet.

A few years ago we made the big decision to downsize our home. It was the best thing we’ve ever done and we managed to cut our household bills by over a half. This move definitely increased my interest in the concept of simple living. Continue reading “Smart Thermostats: Energy Efficient Heating”

7 Reusable Alternatives to Cling Film

When I was younger I remember my Grandmother had a very impressive larder next to her kitchen. It was filled to the brim with all sorts of homemade goodies. It wasn’t like the larders you see today on Pinterest with matching jars and chalkboard labels. It was a mishmash of jars, containers, tins and anything else that she could reuse.  Continue reading “7 Reusable Alternatives to Cling Film”

Ecoegg Laundry Egg – Kind to your Environment, Pocket & Skin

You may have noticed that I have a lot fewer review posts on my blog these days. This is mainly because we are trying to live a more minimalistic lifestyle. We now only ever buy something if we really need it or feel it will better our life in some way.  Continue reading “Ecoegg Laundry Egg – Kind to your Environment, Pocket & Skin”

Environmentally Friendly Tips for Pet Owners

Whether it’s cats or dogs, rabbits or hamsters, much-loved family pets are an important part of our lives. It’s lovely for children to grow up around pets, learning to care for them in the family environment.

Of course, if you want to get a pet in the most eco-friendly way possible, it’s best to get it from a shelter. Not only will you save an animal’s life, you’ll also work against excessive breeding and you will save money! Continue reading “Environmentally Friendly Tips for Pet Owners”