Cash For Your Clutter Challenge

Having a Clear-Out!

This major clear out that I’m currently undertaking is taking much longer than I anticipated. It would be going a lot faster if I was just throwing everything away but I really don’t want to do that! A lot of it is still good stuff that could be used again by someone else. I literally cannot bear the thought of something going into the bin that could be reused. Dam you eco-conscious side of my brain! I have now ramped it up a gear or two as I really want the clear out to be completed before Christmas as we have about 14 guests staying with us. No pressure! Continue reading “Cash For Your Clutter Challenge”

An Organised Home – Tips For Busy Parents

Keeping a home clean, tidy and organised can be difficult at the best of times but adding children into the mix can make it 10 times harder. Parents, particularly first-time ones or those with newborns, can find that the list of chores seems never-ending and with a broken or limit sleep pattern things can quickly seem like they are spiralling out of control. Continue reading “An Organised Home – Tips For Busy Parents”