Bloom & Nora Reusable Sanitary Pads Review

Over a year ago I decided to make the switch from disposable sanitary products to reusable ones in a bid to help reduce my household waste. For anyone that isn’t familiar with reusable pads they work under the same principle as reusable nappies, in that you use them and then you wash them to use again. Granted this isn’t to everyone’s taste but personally I would never switch back to disposables now.  Continue reading “Bloom & Nora Reusable Sanitary Pads Review”

Natural Cycles – The Fertility Tracking App

According to the NHS one in seven couples have difficulty conceiving which is approximately 3.5 million people in the UK alone. Personally I was quite shocked by that statistic. There are many potential causes of infertility and also many theories which can make it frustrating for the couples involved. Continue reading “Natural Cycles – The Fertility Tracking App”

Hypnosis for Stress Relief & Better Sleep

Over the last couple of years my sleeping pattern has became very irregular, I constantly wake in the night for no apparent reason which is very frustrating and leaves me feeling exhausted in the morning. Couple that with a dose of sleep paralysis at least once a week it’s really starting to effect my day to day life.  Continue reading “Hypnosis for Stress Relief & Better Sleep”

Zero Waste Home: The Ultimate Guide to Simplifying Your Life – Book Review

Zero waste is a concept that I have become increasingly interested in. After studying environmental and energy studies at university it became very clear that recycling is not the answer! The answer is to create less waste in the first place. If we have less waste to start with there is less waste to have to deal with. It’s quite simple when you stop to think about it.  Continue reading “Zero Waste Home: The Ultimate Guide to Simplifying Your Life – Book Review”

Top 5 Natural Beauty Trends for 2017

I have long been a fan of natural beauty trends, in fact pretty much everything I use now is natural. I really don’t like the thought of putting chemicals on my hair or skin; I believe it can be detrimental to your long term health, therefore I’m constantly on the lookout for new natural beauty products to try.  Continue reading “Top 5 Natural Beauty Trends for 2017”

Switching to Natural Hair Dye

I have been dyeing my hair since I was about 13. It has been many crazy colours over the years ranging from black to blonde. However, now I’m a ‘proper’ grown up I tend to just stick to light blonde. It’s no secret that I favour natural beauty products wherever possible. I even went 7 months without washing my hair with shampoo. Continue reading “Switching to Natural Hair Dye”

10 Uses for Leftover Green Tea Leaves

My tea obsession is no secret and pretty well documented. One thing I’ve discovered during Zero Waste Week is I throw a lot of used green tea leaves into the compost. I know some people reuse tea bags and leaves to make more than one cup but I don’t see the point in that as all of the health benefits from the tea come out in the first boil. I wanted to look into other ways that you can reuse tea leaves.  Continue reading “10 Uses for Leftover Green Tea Leaves”

10 Uses for Leftover Hummus

I have been eyeing up the pot of hummus in our fridge with a sense of doom. This one pot could be my downfall in my Zero Food Waste Week challenge. Once opened it really needs to be consumed within 3 days however the shop bought pots are pretty big so unless you plan to only eat hummus for 3 days there’s a fair chance that you are going to have some leftover. Continue reading “10 Uses for Leftover Hummus”

12 Uses for Leftover Banana Peels

Day one of Zero Waste Week went well. The only leftover food we had was 3 banana peels and some green tea leaves. My plan was to simply compost them both but then I thought I’d do a bit of research to see if there was anything else you could do with them. Surprisingly there is quite a few things that you can do with banana peels so I thought I’d share my findings with you today.  Continue reading “12 Uses for Leftover Banana Peels”