Thrifty Thursday – May 2016

I’m currently sat here trying to think what I have done over the last month to be thrifty and the answer to that is nothing really that significant other than the normal monthly thrifty things we do. I did manage to get some more school uniform bits for the kiddies at the second hand uniform sale which saved me around £60 which I’m pleased about. We’ve been using up our leftovers to save on our weekly food shop but we do that every week. Continue reading “Thrifty Thursday – May 2016”

Thrifty Thursday – April 2016

Welcome to this month’s Thrifty Thursday, is it just me or does it seem like ages ago since the last one? We have been uber thrifty during the Easter holidays, opting to go on lots of free days out rather than spending money. We’ve been on lots of nice walks, built a den in the woods and also started our Spring foraging. I’ll add my wild garlic pesto posts below. Continue reading “Thrifty Thursday – April 2016”

Foraging: Wild Garlic Pesto

One thing that the kiddies and I really enjoy doing together is going on foraging adventures. As it’s Spring at the moment we decided to go on a hunt for some wild garlic with the intention of making a wild garlic pesto. On a recent dog walk we came across a load of wild garlic growing along the bank of a canal so we decided to head back there but this time armed with a bag for our goodies. Continue reading “Foraging: Wild Garlic Pesto”

Time to Upgrade Your Family Car? Five Ways You Can Save Money

If your next car needs to cater more for your kids than your MPH, then clearly you’ll be shopping in a certain market. It’s a switch many motorists have to make. Perhaps they’re expecting a new arrival– or maybe one of their children is growing up and already starting to think about studying for the theory and practical test and they want a car they can learn in.

Whatever stage of your family’s development you’re at, it’s important to know how to get the best deal on a new motor. Continue reading “Time to Upgrade Your Family Car? Five Ways You Can Save Money”

Thrifty Thursday – Last Minute Mother’s Day Deals

Where is this year going? It cannot possibly be March already. It’s the beginning of the month yet again which means it’s time for another Thrifty Thursday.

This month I thought I would share with you some last minute Mother’s Day deals for anyone, like me, who leaves it to the last minute and then panic buys. Please say I’m not the only one?

I’ve picked out some of my favourite deals for you… Continue reading “Thrifty Thursday – Last Minute Mother’s Day Deals”

5 Thrifty Ways to Dress your Windows

One of the issues with living in a brand new house is that you have to start from scratch, there are no toilet roll holders, no towel rails and no curtain poles. The problem is that all these things add up and before you know it you could be spending out more than you budgeted for on what I would class as the basics of home decor.

The main thing that I have been putting off in our home is dressing the windows. We’ve put up curtains in all of the rooms that needed them such as the bedrooms and the living room but all of the other rooms still have windows with nothing on them, which by the way drives me insane. They just don’t look right bare! Continue reading “5 Thrifty Ways to Dress your Windows”

Thrifty Thursday & Valentine’s Day Offers

It’s the first Thursday of the month which means it’s time for another Thrifty Thursday linky. I can’t quite believe that it is February already, looks like this year is going to fly by like all of the rest.

We’ve been fairly thrifty throughout January although it was our son’s birthday which always seems to cost a bit no matter what you do. We opted to have a joint party with one of his school friends; by doing it that way we split the cost equally between the two families which worked out really well. It enabled us to get a magician for the party and have the ‘gold package’ which included extras such as balloon modelling and party bags.

Superhero Birthday Party

Continue reading “Thrifty Thursday & Valentine’s Day Offers”

Tips for Tiling your Bathroom on a Budget

If your bathroom is in need of some serious TLC, it doesn’t have to cost a lot. We have the top budget busting tips that will allow you to tile your bathroom for very little damage to your bank account.

Pick a classic design

Try and pick a style or design that will not become dated very quickly. Look back at past trends to find ones that have stood the test of time. A really wacky design might be on trend now, but is likely to need replacing after a few years, wasting both time and money. Think about it carefully, and pick a design that you like and will not get bored with. Monochrome, and classic greys look both classy, and are simply timeless. Continue reading “Tips for Tiling your Bathroom on a Budget”