How to Turn Nappies into Rewards with Pampers Club

When my two were younger we seemed to go through an endless amount of nappies each week. There was a point where both of mine were in nappies at the same time and I just seemed to spend my life buying more. Thankfully we are now well past the nappies stage but I recently came across something which I thought would interest parents still in that stage.  Continue reading “How to Turn Nappies into Rewards with Pampers Club”

Time to Upgrade Your Family Car? Five Ways You Can Save Money

If your next car needs to cater more for your kids than your MPH, then clearly you’ll be shopping in a certain market. It’s a switch many motorists have to make. Perhaps they’re expecting a new arrival– or maybe one of their children is growing up and already starting to think about studying for the theory and practical test and they want a car they can learn in.

Whatever stage of your family’s development you’re at, it’s important to know how to get the best deal on a new motor. Continue reading “Time to Upgrade Your Family Car? Five Ways You Can Save Money”

5 Thrifty Ways to Dress your Windows

One of the issues with living in a brand new house is that you have to start from scratch, there are no toilet roll holders, no towel rails and no curtain poles. The problem is that all these things add up and before you know it you could be spending out more than you budgeted for on what I would class as the basics of home decor.

The main thing that I have been putting off in our home is dressing the windows. We’ve put up curtains in all of the rooms that needed them such as the bedrooms and the living room but all of the other rooms still have windows with nothing on them, which by the way drives me insane. They just don’t look right bare! Continue reading “5 Thrifty Ways to Dress your Windows”

Tips for Tiling your Bathroom on a Budget

If your bathroom is in need of some serious TLC, it doesn’t have to cost a lot. We have the top budget busting tips that will allow you to tile your bathroom for very little damage to your bank account.

Pick a classic design

Try and pick a style or design that will not become dated very quickly. Look back at past trends to find ones that have stood the test of time. A really wacky design might be on trend now, but is likely to need replacing after a few years, wasting both time and money. Think about it carefully, and pick a design that you like and will not get bored with. Monochrome, and classic greys look both classy, and are simply timeless. Continue reading “Tips for Tiling your Bathroom on a Budget”

Surviving January – Cutting Back on Food Costs

January is a notorious time for everyone to be feeling the pinch after the excess of Christmas; it’s also a great time to take a good look into your spending habits and see where you could make improvements to cut costs and save more money this coming year.

Here’s a few festive spending stats brought to you by the Money Advice Service  Continue reading “Surviving January – Cutting Back on Food Costs”

How to Shop Around for the Best Deals

How we shop has drastically changed over the years, there was a time when you’d purchase everything you needed in your local high street. Shopping then would be considered a full day out, stopping in at the butchers, the bakers and the greengrocers. These days things have changed, we have a lot more options of where we can buy the things we need. Businesses are constantly fighting to have cheaper prices over their competitors so that you buy their products instead.


Continue reading “How to Shop Around for the Best Deals”