Thrifty Thursday – Making Money at Car Boot Sales

Firstly I’ll start off with an apology for the lack of Thrifty Thursday recently. It’s been a bit manic here what with end of term and all the things that it entails.

I’ve been on a mission the last few weeks to get our house more organised and get rid of anything that we no longer use or need. I’ve been slowly building up a collection of unwanted goods in our downstairs toilet ready to sell at a car boot.

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Thrifty Thursday – Thrifty Skincare Routine


I have recently been made aware of something that has changed the whole way that I conduct my beauty routine. I use to buy all sorts of potions and lotions but I always found that I would use them for a while and then forget about them. I’d buy more products and do the same with them until I had a entire draw filled with half used beauty products. Continue reading “Thrifty Thursday – Thrifty Skincare Routine”

Thrifty Thursday – Buying School Uniform

Tomorrow I’ve got to go to the ‘new parents day’ at the school for Lj before she starts in September. It’s where they tell us all about the school, what she will be doing there and where they rob us blind by charging an extortionate amount of money for school uniform that we can’t possible buy anywhere else as it all has to have the school logo on it! Can you sense I’m annoyed? Continue reading “Thrifty Thursday – Buying School Uniform”

Thrifty Thursday – Grow Your Own

This week my garden has suddenly really come to life. My potatoes are growing really well as are the strawberry plants. The herbs are looking very healthy and the new blackberry bush is coming along too. Sadly the cucumber and courgette plants didn’t make it! They got eaten, not by a slug or pest but by the puppy! Naughty dog.

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Thrifty Thursday – In Need of Inspiration!

I haven’t really done anything noteworthy on the frugal front this week apart from the fact that I haven’t be anyway which has meant I haven’t spent any money this week. Basically I’ve been thrifty by default which I don’t think counts! Been too busy working!

However I would still like to see what you have been up to… Continue reading “Thrifty Thursday – In Need of Inspiration!”

Thrifty Thursday – Thrifty Gym Pass

I have wanted to join the gym for a while now, when I was younger I use to go virtually everyday! The main thing that has been putting me off is the cost. For membership to our local sports centre gym it costs £32 which I feel is a lot of money each month especially as the boy has just started Street Dance classes each week at a fiver a go. Continue reading “Thrifty Thursday – Thrifty Gym Pass”

Thrifty Thursday – Homemade Veg Stock

This week I have started saving up all of our vegetable peelings and storing them in the freezer. My plan is to make homemade vegetable stock with them. I’m going to wait until I have a load of peelings, make up a big batch and them freeze them into portions in my ice cube trays like I did before with my homemade chicken stock. Continue reading “Thrifty Thursday – Homemade Veg Stock”

Thrifty Thursday – Researching Places To Buy Meat

My ideal aim is to one day go completely supermarket free, meaning that we will only shop at local stores, stalls and markets instead of using the big chain supermarkets. I have never liked the fact that these huge corporations come into towns and wiped out all of the local trade.

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