Focusing on Your Financial Well-being

Why Managing Your Money For The Future Matters

While the UK’s life expectancy may have recently increased to 81.60 years, there’s no doubt that we become more preoccupied with our physical health as we grow older.

Given the state of pension planning in the UK, however, we clearly do not take the same approach to managing our financial well-being. While some will argue that the failure to save has much to do with the fact that the cost of living continues to increase at a disproportionate rate to earnings, it’s also fair to surmise that people are being hindered by an inability to prioritise wealth management in the modern age. Continue reading “Focusing on Your Financial Well-being”

4 Essentials for Improved Health & Wellbeing in the Home Office

Working from home certainly has its benefits, however, in a commercial building you’re provided with all your office essentials; for a home office, you must do it yourself. Therefore, we have created a beginner list of office essentials you should consider installing in your home for better health & wellbeing in the home office… Continue reading “4 Essentials for Improved Health & Wellbeing in the Home Office”