How To Create the Life you Want Now! – The Creating Power System

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Do you ever feel stuck in a rut? Do you constantly incur setbacks when trying to achieve your goals? Do you feel locked in the past and unable to break free?

Would you like to learn how to improve your relationships with others? Would you like to learn how to get what you want in life? Would you like to know how to eliminate your fears that are holding you back in life?  Continue reading “How To Create the Life you Want Now! – The Creating Power System”

I Walked all Over Cancer this March

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Back in February, I wrote about a challenge that I was taking part in during March. The aim was to walk at least 10,000 steps EVERY DAY throughout the entire month to raise money for Cancer Research UK.

It’s now finished so I thought I’d do a bit of an update of how I got on… Continue reading “I Walked all Over Cancer this March”

10 Mindfulness Books on my Reading Wish List

Unless you spent the whole of  2016 tucked away on a remote island somewhere with no internet access then you would have heard of terms such as hygge, clean eating and minimalism.

Every year there are certain lifestyle buzz words that seem to circulate around along with certain lifestyle trends. I mean if you didn’t get rid of 90% of your possessions in a Marie Kondo style frenzy then were you even alive in 2016? Continue reading “10 Mindfulness Books on my Reading Wish List”

How To Overcome Pain Naturally

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Wherever possible I like to take a natural approach to most things in our life, whether that be our diet, beauty regimes or pain relief. I’m slowly but surely switching all of our bathroom products to natural alternatives and I’m also slowly reducing the number of chemicals we use in our home. Continue reading “How To Overcome Pain Naturally”

How I Finally Got our Home in Order Once and for All!

I have been ‘uncluttering’ our home for what feels like forever now. Just when I thought I was finally getting somewhere it all seemed to go downhill again. It was so frustrating! No matter how hard I tried our house still just seemed to be filled with too much stuff. Continue reading “How I Finally Got our Home in Order Once and for All!”

3 Teas to Help Chase Away the Blues

It’s a well know fact that the beginning of the year can be a tough time for lots of people. The festive celebrations are over, we’ve all probably eaten and drank too much and everyone is just feeling a little unhealthy.

Now is the perfect time to reassess your lifestyle and look at how you can improve your physical and mental wellbeing. This is where tea comes in. I’m a huge tea fan, I love the fact that it can help to aid and repair your body.  Continue reading “3 Teas to Help Chase Away the Blues”