Clocks Going Back and Young Children

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For a certain group of people the clocks going back is something to celebrate, woohoo a whole extra hour in bed, what a treat! For anyone with young children though the clocks going back is a complete nightmare! Children seem to have this amazing ability to get up at the same time every morning regardless of the time that they went to bed. 


That was a lesson we learnt fairly early on into our parenthood journey. One night in our new parent naivety we thought it would be a good idea to put the children to bed a bit later than usual so that they would sleep in a bit the next morning. That is not how it worked out! They still got up at the normal time and then we had two extremely over tired and grumpy children to deal with all day. Lesson learnt!

The problem with young children is that they aren’t able to tell the time so they rely purely on their body clock telling them it’s time to wake up. This can cause all sorts of problems in the summer months which is when I imagine the sales of blackout blinds doubles.

We personally have tried a variety of different clocks to try and combat the early waking problem.

Alarm Clocks

We put little alarm clocks in each of their bedrooms which resulted in alarms going off at all different times of the night because the constantly fiddled with the dials. If you think early waking makes you grumpy try being woken up at random intervals in the night desperately searching for a little alarm clock that has been hidden somewhere amongst a mass of toys.

Kids Colour Clocks

We tried the kid clocks with the big dials and different colours but they were ignored.

Digital Clocks

We tried digital clocks in the vain hope that they would memorise the numbers. They didn’t!

Wall Clocks

We tried wall clocks that they couldn’t reach to stop them fiddling with them but they were forgotten about.

Light Up Clocks

Just when we had lost all hope of ever laying in again we were introduced to light up clocks. They have a big dial on the front and when it is time to get up they turn yellow and guess what…It worked and still works to this day. 

Read: Our review of the light up clocks here.

There is hope yet! How do you combat early risers?


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