Exmouth Illumination Carnival

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A few weeks ago we went to Exmouth Illumination carnival, we’d never been before but heard good things. Apparently the carnival costs £6,000 every year to run so the  unpaid committee spend the whole year fundraising to keep it running. 

The Procession

The procession started on the Royal Parade at 7.30pm. It then traveled along Imperial Road and Marine Way before turning into Exeter Road, along Parade and finishing at the roundabout by KFC.

The procession was fantastic! Lots of vibrant colours, flashing lights and the design of the floats was some of the best I’ve seen. I didn’t get as many pictures as I would have liked too as they moved pretty fast but you get the general gist. I managed to capture more with video so do check that out below.

Exmouth Illumination Carnival

Exmouth Illumination Carnival

Exmouth Illumination Carnival

The procession is free to get in but they do come around with buckets for your coins so make sure you donate generously to keep the carnival going. I’d also recommend finding a spot to watch the festivities earlier rather than later so you get to see all of the floats.

Our Video

Exmouth Fun Fair

After the procession we went to the fun fair which the kiddies loved! I’m not a fan personally so I watched from the sidelines.

Exmouth fun fair

Exmouth fairground

Light up toys exmouth carnival

Light up toy Exmouth Carnival

It was a really lovely evening, we’d highly recommend it and I can’t wait to go back next year.

Exmouth Illumination Carnival


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