Fernworthy Reservoir on Dartmoor Devon

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Since we’ve put the house on the market with the intention of moving to Cornwall I suddenly panicked that we hadn’t seen enough of Devon yet. It’s such a large county and after nearly 6 years of living here I don’t feel that I have seen half of the places I’d like to.

Over the last few weeks I have made a conscious effort to go to more places. Last weekend my daughter and I set off with the intention of visiting Scorhill Stone Circle, it’s the largest of the Devon stone circles and I wanted to get some pictures. However, on route we got lost, as is so easily done on Dartmoor and we ended up instead at Fernworthy Reservoir. As it turns out I’m actually very glad we got lost as it’s lovely there.

Fernworthy Reservoir

Fernworthy Reservoir Dartmoor Devon

Fernworthy Reservoir

A view of Fernworthy Reservoir on Dartmoor

Fernworthy reservoir is located close to Chagford, which is also well worth a visit, such a pretty little town. There is a main car park which is pay and display or there are other car parks near by which are free.

There are a selection of walks that you can do around the area. We opted for the one that goes all around the reservoir. This is where I learnt that my sense of direction is great but my sense of distance is appalling. I thought the walk would be fairly short, it wasn’t! Bless Lowenna though she didn’t grumble once and stomped her way around the entire reservoir. She’s a proper Cornish warrior that one!

Fernworthy map

Fernworthy Dam

Fernworthy Reservoir Dam

Fernworthy Reservoir Dam

Fernworthy Reservoir Dam

The dam itself is a very impressive structure. You can walk all around it and at the bottom there is a lovely wooded area with a river running through. As you can clearly see from the images the water level was quite low so there wasn’t any water flowing over. I’d like to go back one day when the waters high and see it as I bet that’s quite a sight.

Fernworthy Reservoir Dam Dartmoor

The river at Fernworthy Reservoir

The river at Fernworthy Reservoir

The Waterside Walk

The walk around the lake seemed to take forever, mainly because I was conscious that I had a 5 year old with me that at any moment could just flat out refuse to walk any further. In reality though it probably only took an hour.

When I got home and searched on the internet for more information about the reservoir I discovered that there is one of the Devon stone circles right there where we were. I was so annoyed that I didn’t know that beforehand, I bet we walked straight past it! Next time I will find it.

Fernworthy reservoir

Bridge at Fernworthy Reservoir

Fernworthy reservoir forest

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    1. I’d love to go to Peru one day, a friend of ours went a while ago and the pictures they got were fantastic!
      Dartmoor is full of beautiful places šŸ™‚

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