Homemade Reusable Face Wipes

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This Monday marks the start of Zero Waste Week and as always it gets me thinking about the things we use in our home that could be replaced with reusables. Last year I made the switch from disposable sanitary items to reusable ones and I’ve never looked back.

This year I wanted to focus on reducing our bathroom waste further. The main things that seem to go into our bathroom bin are disposable razors and baby wipes that I use to take off my makeup.

I combated the disposable razor issue by buying an epilator. I don’t think I was quite prepared for how much it hurts but I’m slowly getting used to it, even if it does take me a week to do one leg!

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Reusable Baby Wipes

The next issue was the baby wipes so I looked into buying reusable ones. After a bit of online research, I found a site called *Cheeky Wipes. They sell a whole range of reusable face wipes. 

reusable face wipes

Cheeky Wipes reusable baby wipes

I bought the washable cloth bamboo velour baby wipes. I got 25 in total so that I would always have enough.

Washable Wipes Kit

As well as the baby wipes Cheeky Wipes also sell washable wipes kits, they even have a makeup removal kit. I decided against buying the kit as I already had a large tub of coconut oil and we have hundreds of plastic tubs.

Homemade Face Wipes

Homemade Reusable Face WipesI know a lot of people make up a batch of homemade face wipes so they always have some ready for use but as I don’t wear makeup every day I decided that I’d just use them when I needed them.

I simply fill my sink with warm water and soak the wipe in it. I then take a small amount of coconut oil from my tub and rub it onto my face. I then use a wipe to take off my makeup.

It’s so simple, the coconut oil gets rid of all of my makeup and it leaves my face feeling really soft. Afterwards, you can also use another wipe, run it under the cold tap, then wipe over your face to refresh it.

Homemade face wipes with coconut oil

Organic Coconut Oil

I bought my organic coconut oil from Home Bargains of all places but you can buy it pretty much everywhere now. The price does vary from shop to shop so do a bit of research first so you don’t overspend. You only need a tiny bit each time so I’m hoping my 500ml jar will last quite a while.

Coconut oil is my new best friend, you can use it for so many things from hair conditioner to a detox diet. I have even started cooking with it!

coconut oil

Organic coconut oil

I’ve been using my reusable face wipes for a few weeks now and I’m so happy with them. Every time I make a switch to something reusable I get a great feeling of satisfaction knowing that I’m one step closer to my Zero Waste goal.

I’d highly recommend checking out Cheeky Wipes if you’d like to start using reusable face wipes. Also, if you sign up for their newsletter you’ll get *10% off your first order.

Cheeky Wipes

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Update: I’ve now been using my homemade makeup wipes for 6 months and I still love them! I wouldn’t switch back to disposables. Plus, I have only used the top layer of my jar of coconut oil.

Gina Caro


6 thoughts on “Homemade Reusable Face Wipes

  1. What a fab idea; I’ve heard so many people rave about coconut oil as it seems such a multi purpose product. I like to use clay on my face which comes in a paper bag, but it is messy! And I have to admit to being a bit slovenly about taking makeup off (hangs head).
    Anyway, glad you’ve found some that’s effective AND reduces landfillZ and well done on epilady; that’s super brave!

    1. I’ve started using it in our cooking too, as you said it’s very versatile. Apparently some people use it as an alternative shaving foam too.
      You only have to type in uses for coconut oil on Pinterest and millions of pins come up!

  2. I used cheeky wipes with both of my kids they were great. I now use face cloths and cleansers so am happy with that.

    i have been off and read your reusable sanitary pads posts though as I’m really interested in this subject for me!

    Thank you,


  3. I wish I had known about them when mine were younger. I dread to think how many baby wipes we got through.

    Let me know if you have any questions about the reusable pads, happy to help if I can 🙂

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