I Had An Epiphany!

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Yesterday I had an epiphany! It was one of those real crack you over the head with the light bulb moments. I have been spending money on the wrong things. Last week I bought a mirror that cost £65! Granted I didn’t actually pay that price I only paid £15 for it but still if I hadn’t of been able to get it for that price I would of still handed over £65 of my hard earned cash on a sodding mirror. A mirror that doesn’t give anything back to me other than a reflection. It won’t enhance my life in anyway. It was pure consumerism.

I got an email through yesterday from GoGroopie which is an online discounts and deals website. The email was highlighting one of their special travel deals. It was for a trip to Budapest: a 2 night stay at a 4* Hotel including flights from London airports from £69 per person. So for the same price as that shiny new mirror that’s hanging in my downstairs toilet I could go away for a weekend to another country, have an amazing experience and memories to treasure forever.

Picture by Moyan Brenn on Flickr

Surely that one is a no-brainer! Why had I not thought of this before? I read a quote a while ago which really struck a cord… ‘Collect memories not things!’

Collect Memories not Things
Image found on One World 365

After all when I’m laying on my death bed will I be thinking ‘I really loved that porthole mirror I bought from Next’ or will I be reflecting back on all of the adventures and things I have done?

It is so easy to get caught up in the trap of how life has been dictated to us by society. You should go to work, own your own home, mow your lawn and make babies. If you follow these rules then everyone will be happy. What if that’s not actually what it’s all about? These things are all very well and lovely but do they feed your soul? Getting a bit deep there but hopefully you get my point.

So I have a new plan, next time I want to buy something new and pointless for our home I will check out the various travel deal websites and see where in the world I can go for the same price as that pointless item and then book it!

Creating Memories Fund

Even if I only manage to go to one new place each year it’s still a memory that can be added and an experience that will give me so much more than a mirror.

dalai lama
Image found Buzz Feed

I believe this could be the start of something amazing!

7 thoughts on “I Had An Epiphany!

    1. Hi, I just don’t know why I hadn’t thought of this before. The short breaks like the one above are perfect for working around the kiddies too. The other half hates flying so he can stay at home with them for the weekend while I go. If it’s only once a year it’s not a big deal 🙂

    1. I don’t know why I hadn’t thought of it before either. I guess it’s all too easy to get wrapped up in our own lives, especially if you are a parent! It’s easy to forget that there is a bigger world out there.

  1. I’m in love with that thought process! Travelling is my favourite thing to do and has always been worth the money. When I get caught up in consumerism I too check out holiday deals 😉 xx

    1. Glad you like it! I use to love travelling (pre-kiddies) but since then with been so caught up in being parents that we’ve hardly been anyway. These weekend breaks are a great way to make it fit around family life

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