Ideas for a Trip to Family Friendly Malaga

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The port city of Malaga, situated on the southern coast of Spain, is often overlooked as a holiday destination — travellers opting instead for the iconic neighbouring Andalusian cities of Granada and Seville. Malaga has been rebuilt in recent years. Visitors will now find an area with much to offer, particularly when it comes to family attractions.

With affordable Malaga flights available from London and other airports in the UK and Republic of Ireland, this sunny Spanish destination is ever increasing in popularity. Here are our top six reasons why your next family holiday should be to Malaga.

6 Reasons why your next Family Holiday should be to Malaga

Life’s a Beach

No visit to the Spanish coast would be complete without some time spent soaking up the sun on a golden beach. Families visiting Malaga can choose from several clean and safe options, including the vast and busy sands of Malagueta beach, only ten minutes from downtown Malaga on foot.

Lobo Park

Lobo meaning ‘wolf’ in Spanish, this unique conservation centre is dedicated to the protection and appreciation of these beautiful creatures, who roam here in relative freedom. Join a regular guided tour to come close to three different species of this majestic creature, all while learning about them and what the centre does to ensure their future survival.

Tivoli World

This huge theme park has over forty attractions that cater to all ages, making it an ideal day trip for the whole family. Along with fairground favourites and white knuckle rides, Tivoli offers live entertainment throughout the day and a multitude of places to eat, drink and soak up the carnival atmosphere.

Museo Automovilístico de Málaga

Children of all ages (along with their parents) will be amazed by the sheer variety of types and models of cars to be found at this popular museum, as well as learning about the history and evolution of the automobile throughout the ages. Located only a few minutes walk from the city centre, why not combine a visit here with a trip to the nearby public garden of Paseo Antonio Machado.


For families looking to nurture their children’s appreciation of the natural world, Malaga holds many wonderful options. Walking the hanging bridges of Monachil is always a popular choice, combining adventure and physical exertion with time spent relaxing in a landscape of waterfalls, river pools, caves and tunnels.

Freshwater swimming

Malaga is dotted with many lakes and river pools where outdoor swimming can be enjoyed. Bermejales lake, a vast man-made reservoir with a circumference of 28km, is the most popular of these due to the crystal clear quality of its waters. Filled with an array of fish and as warm as bath water, Bermejales plays host to a wide array of watersports and outdoor activities.

Image Credit: dsc828 Flickr
Image Credit: dsc828 Flickr

For those prepared to choose Malaga over it’s better known neighbouring cities, these family fun destinations are only a handful of the gems that the region has to offer.

6 reasons why your next family holiday should be to Malaga

Images by Nick Kenrick. and dsc828, used under Creative Commons license.


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