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A few weeks ago I was invited up to The Avon George Hotel in Bristol to have lunch with Sarah Willingham from Dragon’s Den and find out about her and Experian’s new app called Jangle.


‘A tool for  parents  – to help make their day to day lives a little easier, but also to support  them in being able to help their children learn essential money management skills which could then be reinforced in the school environment in time.’

This app which is for children approx. 7-11 years old teaches so much more than just saving, it helps introduce children to the concept of earning money, the value of money, money management and becoming a critical consumer. It’s a free app, developed by Experian in partnership with Sarah Willingham.


I personally think that the app is a brilliant idea as children these days don’t seem to have a particularly good grasp of the value of money and that it’s something that you should work for to get. It still amazes me that there isn’t a compulsory ‘life skills’ class for all students. Teaching them all of the basics of money, savings, investments, mortgages etc.  I guess it is still left to the parents to teach their children these things which is fine as long as the parents have a good understanding of it all and feel it’s an important thing for their children to learn.

I like to think that as a family we are pretty good with our money and I’d love pass that on to our two. This is where an app like Jangle will come in very handy! I know for one that my son will be particularly into it when it’s released as it’s on a computer and anything on a computer is good in his eyes.

How It Works

It was really interesting to hear about how the app works. First the child needs to think about something that they want to save up for, it can be anything they like from a new bike to a new colouring book. They then need to input the amount that they will need to save in order to buy the item. There is even a nifty tool that allows you to link directly to the product.


The child then has the ability to pick tasks that they must complete in order to get paid (usually by the parents but other family members can get involved too). There are task like wash the car, tidy your bedroom and make your own pizzas. Once they have completed all their task they will have earnt all of their money to buy their item. It’s such a good way of showing kids that you have to work for things in life.

What I Love About Jangle

  • It teaches children about the value of money in a fun and interesting way
  • It’s easy to use
  • It enables children to record their progress towards their goal
  • It encourages children to earn their money rather than just be given it
  • The children can personalise their profiles
  • It’s free to download and use
  • The idea for the app was born out of passion for educating children about money rather than a money making product

I’m really glad that I went up to Bristol to find out about Jangle and I’m looking forward to it being released soon so I can start using it with my two.



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