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Welcome back to my fourth Meet a Devon Blogger interview series. I’m really enjoying getting to know the people behind the blogs. If you’d like to keep up to date with the interviews then please do ‘Subscribe to my Tribe’ in the sidebar.

This week I’m interviewing Jade from The Parenting Jungle.

The Parenting Jungle

Firstly tell us a bit about yourself and your blog?

Jade from the blog The Parenting Jungle I’m currently drinking Bailey’s out of a Lego Starwars cup and I am 29 and a half… Let’s face it, basically, 30…year old mother to one. One is enough when it comes to my five-year-old, who is 3 ft of cape-wearing hyperactivity.

I have a plethora of mainly redundant degrees in education, social work, child psychology, counselling etc and still can’t get my son to eat anything but spaghetti hoops. I like loose routines, outdoor playing, positive reinforcement, dragon breathing (when you are cross and want to swear) and eating leftovers. I was a single mother for the first four years and then invested in a librarian-

I like loose routines, outdoor playing, positive reinforcement, dragon breathing (when you are cross and want to swear) and eating leftovers. I was a single mother for the first four years and then invested in a librarian-esk in appearance partner. Co-parenting consequently features often on the blog.
The Parenting Jungle hasn’t got bells and whistles, it is just me trying to be empathetic and realistic. A safe place of support for parents old and new to dispel that lingering grey thought that we are not ‘good enough!’

My Instagram community is inspired by the #Lionessmama’s that keep me sane on those days where your cubs have drawn on the walls, bitten the neighbour’s cat…and the LONG sleepless nights. My posts tend to make people cry. Which is a probable hint that I need to use more humour. Unless Andrex and Kleenex are going to start sponsoring me.

Why did you decide to start a blog and how long has it be running?

Since May, so 7 months. Crikey, I really need to figure out how to set up and email list. I started when I had a mischievous lump removed from my chest and spent 2 weeks in bed watching Murder She Wrote. Blogging just kind of escalated from there, now I can’t imagine not doing it.

How long have you lived in Devon?

I came to university in Exmouth in 2005 and then moved to Plymouth, then to Exeter. Can I be a local now?

Name 3 of your favourite places for a day out in Devon?

With my son; playing with piglets at Pennywell Farm, chasing clouds on Haytor, and Exeter RAMM because I am a museum type of girl. For me, I love wondering around Totnes, all of the beaches are glorious, Woolacombe and Bigbury are my favourites…and if you want a spa day Boringdon hall near Plymouth is awesome. They make killer whisky sours.

Name 3 of your favourite places to eat?

Brixham chippy, River cottage canteen Plymouth and I The Rusty Bike Exeter.

What do you love about living in Devon?

Nowhere seems like home as much as here, it gets in your soul. You are never far from the sea. The people are also awesome and like to force cider on you.

And anything you dislike?

It’s hours away from my family who pretty much all live in the same postcode on the Welsh border. They are like hobbits and don’t like to venture outside of the shire. So I haven’t ever really got anyone I can call on for help and it makes my heart hurt that Leo only sees his family every few months. I would move back, but I would pine for the sea too much.

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