Old Houses and Asthma

I love our house! It is by far one of the prettiest houses that we have lived in and believe me we have lived in a few. It has loads of character and is located in a really lovely little village with views out over Dartmoor.

Old houses and asthma

I love the fact that it is big enough to have lots of guest over, we managed to have 14 people to stay (comfortable) for Christmas last year. Although fitting everyone around the table was a bit of a squeeze.

Gold Christmas Table

It has a great little garden that is full of beautiful flowers and has just enough flat grass space for the kids to have their trampoline up.

Cottage Garden Devon

However, after saying all of this there is one major problem with the house. It’s very, very old and with old comes damp and mould! Here’s a picture of our house (it was thatched then) in 1948 before it was extended.

 Devon Village 1948

Old Houses and Asthma

So anyway back to the damp problem, it is causing havoc with Henry’s asthma, apparently, it is a trigger for it. I think the only solution is to buy a dehumidifier which will help to reduce the damp and mould. We have always had problems with Henry and his allergies. Whether it be asthma or eczema but recently the asthma seems to have come back and now I’m really worried about how another winter in our house will affect him.

4 year old boy

Do you have problems with asthma in your household? If so do you have any nifty electrical appliances that help to reduce attacks?


4 thoughts on “Old Houses and Asthma

  1. Wow! I have total house envy! Currently in a cramped 2 up 2 down!
    We have a Dyson animal (vacuum cleaner) its supposed to be for pet hair – we don’t have any pets, I got it because its also fantastic for removing allergens – we have dust, hayfever and asthmatics in our house and I’d say this gadget helps us!

    1. It is a lovely house but don’t know how long we will be her mind. ooo that sounds good. I shall take a look at that, thanks. 🙂

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