On that Elusive Good Night’s Sleep…

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These days sleep and hygiene are two words on everyone’s lips and I can tell you that even a gypsy soul needs its beauty sleep! So here are some thoughts, tips and musings on this decidedly hot topic….

That old folk wisdom about getting beauty sleep wasn’t wrong, you know. Like a lot of folk wisdom, it was ahead of its time and science is only now catching up and providing us with the empirical backing to those long-trusted ideas. Sleep doesn’t just maintain your beauty though, it maintains your immune system too.

It can’t be denied that the non-stop mummy with young and energetic children scenario can definitely grind you down at times. If you seem to be forever picking up colds and irritating little bugs that make you feel continually under the weather then getting more sleep is probably the answer.

It’s All About your Bed! 

The key to good sleep hygiene is essentially about two things: your environment and your everyday practice. So first off you need to ensure that you have a half decent bed. It’s an investment well worth making, heck go for a king size bed if you can!


The thing is that the sort of support a proper mattress gives you will work in the long term as well as the short. It’ll help you to maintain good posture and alignment and steer you away from those doomed slipped discs that seem to turn up at a certain time in one’s life!

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Limit your Time on Technology 

Secondly, you need to help yourself out on a daily basis. That means not sitting in bed responding to emails on tablets or smartphones and staring at screens with peculiar lighting for a half an hour before you attempt to drop off. Keep things traditional and do a book at bedtime by all means, but stay away from the technology.

laptop bedtime

This isn’t just the gypsy soul stuff coming through here, either. Certain sorts of synthetic backlighting are believed to interfere with our circadian rhythms and disrupt sleep no end without our really being aware of it. Furthermore, you don’t want the psychological disturbance of the stress of correspondence as you’re trying to unwind, particularly if it’s work-related.

Separate Sleep and Living Areas 

Top tips for getting a good night's sleepSpeaking of the psychological aspects of sleep hygiene, another great tip is to keep your sleep zone and your living and working zone separate, particularly if you’re a work at home mummy. Don’t have the laptop in the bedroom and use it as an office, instead keep the bedroom pure.

As well as eliminating distractions from sleep, it builds up habits in your mind. It won’t be an association quite as extreme as Pavlov’s dogs but it’ll certainly help get your mind and body into a kind of sleep mode as soon as it crosses the threshold and gets into those PJ’s!

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Set Some Boundaries for Young Ones 

Finally, make sure that if there are little lovelies bouncing around the scene then you give them firm boundaries concerning they’re comings and goings in your bedroom. It is your bedroom, not theirs.


We don’t want to get into Victorian style discipline here, but you need a place to unwind and recharge your batteries and you must set the programme. Remember that for all that they’re your darlings, you are their parent first and their friend second and your sleep is more important than you might think.

What are your top tips for getting a good night’s sleep? 

Gina Caro

Collaborative post written by Samuel Walters 

2 thoughts on “On that Elusive Good Night’s Sleep…

  1. Brilliant post! Sleep is so important- you don’t realise just how much until you become a parent- and these are some great tips to getting the best kip possible! Thanks for posting!!

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