Peacock Colour Bedroom Makeover

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If you are a regular reader here then you will know that we are moving in less than two weeks, eek! My mind has gone into major overload with all of the new design ideas for the rooms as you can probably tell if you follow me on Pinterest.

Peacock Colour Bedroom

For our bedroom, I have decided to go for a ‘Peacock Colour bedroom Theme’. Here’s a mood board of ideas I’d like to incorporate…

Peacock Colour Bedroom

 I’m not sure whether I am quite brave enough to go for a grey feature wall, I know the other half isn’t that keen but I think it looks pretty striking with the blues and purples.

teal bedroom

I have been desperately searching for the perfect bed throw but I’m still yet to find one. I’d like something colourful with a hint of ethnic…

Peacock Colour Bedroom

For the bedside tables, I really want two Tiffany style lamps although they are incredibly expensive! I’ll have to keep my eye out on eBay for them and hope I get lucky.

Tiffany lamp

We are going to up-cycle our current bedroom furniture by spraying it teal and putting new decorative knobs on them. I’m hoping it will look great *fingers crossed*.

teal furniture

I really can’t wait until we move now so I can let my creative spirit go crazy.

So what are your thoughts, do you like the theme and should I go for the grey feature wall or have a teal feature wall instead? I can’t decide!!

Gina Caro

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*All of the above images were found on Pinterest and you can find them on my Peacock Colour Bedroom board*

12 thoughts on “Peacock Colour Bedroom Makeover

  1. Love that you have such a board – I do love Pinterest! I like it, and I don’t normally like blue as decor – I tend to go for warmer and more neutral. Can’t believe it’s only 2 weeks – exciting!

    1. We’ve never had blue before either so I’m a bit apprehensive about it but hoping it will look good once it’s all put together. It’s more stressful than excititng at the mo but I’m sure I’ll be excited once we get in there 🙂

  2. unfortunately I can’t see all the images but I am a huge fan of blue and teal has been the colour of the moment for a while now and still going strong! I would do my whole house in one shade of blue or another 🙂 if I was allowed! We live by the sea too so blue inspiration is on the doorstep! Hope the move goes well.

    1. I didn’t realise that teal is in fashion at the moment, I know that grey is quite popular for walls. It seems every interior design programme that I watch at the moment has a grey feature wall in it somewhere. If my other half had his way he’d have blue in the entire house, think it reminds him of being on his boat lol 🙂

  3. Oh stunning Colours!!!… I huge lover of colour, not afraid to use it. we had Teal in our kitchen once I loved it, then sadly moved house 🙁 but it was such a lovely WOW factor paint colour. Cant wait to see the end result… #PoCoLo

  4. This is stunning! I absolutely love all those colours together. If it was me, I would go for teale (it is a wonderful colour and one of the main colours of my blog!). Thank you for linking to PoCoLo and good luck with the move lovely x

  5. Hi Rachel, unfortunately not 🙁 We have been concentrating on all of the other rooms first. Think we are having a change of heart with the decor in our room now, going down a new route lol

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