6 Weeks No Shampoo! – Find Out What Happened to My Hair

If you are a regular here on Gypsy Soul then you will already know that on the 1st March I decided to give ‘No-Poo’ another go after my failed attempt last time. In case you’re not familiar with the term, don’t panic I didn’t stop going to the loo. I stopped washing my hair with traditional shampoo.  Continue reading “6 Weeks No Shampoo! – Find Out What Happened to My Hair”

7 Months & No Shampoo – My No Poo Adventure

Yes you did read that right I didn’t wash my hair with shampoo for 7 months! I was on a no poo adventure and unfortunately it has now come to an end. It just couldn’t get it to work for me; not for want of trying though, I just couldn’t get it to work for my hair. Continue reading “7 Months & No Shampoo – My No Poo Adventure”

Week Two of No Poo – Giving up Shampoo

So it has been 9 days since I last washed my hair with shampoo!


Week Two of No Poo

And as you can see from the photo, it’s starting to look greasy and very flat. It won’t curl at the moment and the roots are stuck t0o my head and the ends are still frizzy!! In short, I look and feel rather gross. My skin has also erupted in spots (lovely) but that’s not unusual for my skin so it could just be a coincidence.



Instead of shampoo so far I have used an egg and lemon mixture (which was lovely and my hair felt really soft afterwards) and just water while massaging my head to move the oils around.
I last washed my hair with just water 3 days ago and it looks pretty greasy today.



Tonight I’m going to try my *cassia obovata powder as we are going out for dinner tomorrow night and I really don’t want to go out with a greasy mop!
I’m slightly concerned about doing this as apparently sometimes it can make your hair turn green!! Let’s hope that doesn’t happen!

What is Cassia Obovata?

Cassia Obovata, also know as Senna Obovata, is a powder that looks a lot like henna. Henna however dyes you hair a reddish colour whereas the cassia obovata won’t. Apparently, it makes an excellent conditioner for your hair leaving it glossy and think.

I’ll put up another post tomorrow showing you how it turned out, wish me luck.
All I’m thinking right now is this better be worth it!!


Goodbye Shampoo

I have decided to stop using shampoo completely. No more shampoo, no more conditioner and no more hair products. You can read about how I got the idea in my to wash or not to wash post.
Yes I know, I have obviously lost a marble or two but I am going into this with an open mind. I might not stand the test of time but I’m going to give it a go. I mean how hard can it be right *said with a nervous quiver in my voice*.

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To wash or not to wash? Giving up Shampoo

These days we willing pollute our bodies with so many toxins. There in our food, our beauty products and our homes.

Giving up Shampoo

Today I found a post on the blog Lulastic & the Hippyshake called ‘A Year Without Shampoo’ and now I want to try it but I’m scared.  It’s quite a commitment and I’m rubbish at that. I have a habit of starting things with the best of intention but never following them through! (I get bored too easily and have no staying power).

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