The Time Has Come to Get a Pet

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It has come to that point where the children have started asking if we can get a pet! I knew it was coming sooner or later but I was hoping we could hold off for a little longer.

The other half wants to get fish, I however do not! We came so close to buying some today and then thought better of it. I love the idea of fish. I can imagine just sitting in the evening watching them glide around their tank.

I love their bright colours and the fact that they are a relatively easy pet to have. I don’t however love the idea of cleaning them out. To me it is just another thing to add to my never ending to do list that I already struggle to get to the end of each day.

Image Credit: Chris Combe
Image Credit: Chris Combe

I don’t want to be the baddy in the family by putting my foot down and saying no to fish so I’m looking into having a small pond in our front garden. I have been trying to decide for months what to do with space and I really like the idea of a pond. I’m not really sure what goes into having a pond and it could be way more complicated than I originally thought but I am looking into it so that’s a start I suppose. I have been researching on the website All Pond Solutions to see what equipment we will need, they have a handy setting up your pond section and fish keeping guide.

Our house is a brand new home so I’d like to keep the clean line/modern look. I have been searching for pond images on Pinterest to find the sort of thing that I am after.

Modern Pond
Image Credit: The Small Garden

I love the look of the one above although I’m not sure we would be able to recreate it the same in our garden something along those lines would be good.

If anyone has a pond I’d love to know if it’s a relatively easy process to create and maintain it.


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