Thrifty Thursday – 5 Ways To Make Extra Money Before Christmas

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It’s that time of year again, the heating has gone on, the Christmas adverts have started and  you can’t walk into a shop without coming out covered in glitter! It can be an expensive time of year for everyone involved so I have 5 ways for you to make some extra cash before the big day.

Sell your old stuff

Now is the perfect time to have a real sort out of your old bits and get some money from them. You can use sites such as Ebay, Money Magpie, Cash In Your Gadgets, Play and the Facebook selling groups to sell your unwanted goods or if you have enough bits get down to a local car boot sale. Another plus point of doing this is that you will have more room for all of the new bits that will be coming into the house at Christmas.

Banham Car Boot Sale 07-08-2007
Image by David Brokentaco

Rent Out Your Goods

There are a whole host of websites where you can rent out your possessions from lawnmowers to game units. Check out sites such as Rent Not Buy, Zilok and Ecomodo.

the gaming shelf - 5 consoles
Image by Blake Patterson

Offer Your Services

Earn money while in your own home by starting your own business. It doesn’t have to be big and you could do anything from dog walking to ironing.

in the light of the god of ironing
Image by Greg

Recycle Your Old Ink Cartridges

Sites such as Cash For Cartridges and The Recycling Factory will pay you for your empty ink cartridges. It’s worth having a look around as some companies pay as much as £4.50 per cartridge.

Counting stupid things
Image by Kenny Louie

Get Paid For Storage

If you have a spare room or space in the loft or garage then you can get paid for storing other people’s possessions. Check out site such as Store Mates, it’s free to register and you can charge whatever you like for storage (although they do have a recommended price range.)

Storage: Before
Image by Digital Game Museum

I hope you have found some useful information here and now it’s your turn to share your money saving/money making posts with us…

Thrifty Thursday

Thrifty Thursday



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    1. Nor did I until I read about it the other day. We go through loads of ink because the other half works from home so I’m going to be stockpiling them now 🙂

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