We Need to Save Our Planet

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Some would say that the argument about whether humans are the cause of global warming is still ongoing today. Nonetheless, the benefits of using renewable energy sources in our day-to-day lives are huge, and we need to make renewable energy the standard.

Everyone understands that renewable energy plays a big part in preventing global warming. Traditional methods of energy contribute to some of the largest amounts of CO2 emissions; coal, gas and nuclear. We should be producing energy from sources such as hydro, marine, solar and wind for a cleaner future.

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How can Renewable Energy Sources Prevent Global Warming?

  • Renewable energy sources are all sustainable, therefore they’re able to source an infinite supply of energy.
  • Generally, they require less maintenance than traditional sources which reduces the cost of running them.
  • Many renewable energy projects boost the economy in regional areas.
  • Most importantly, they produce little or no carbon dioxide, as well as other chemical pollutants.

We need to save our planet but how?However, what we’re currently doing isn’t enough. Global warming is still very much changing the climate we live in, destroying people’s homes and leading to the extinction of certain species.

Even though we have significantly reduced the amount of CO2 that is being emitted into the atmosphere, it still stands at a whopping 381.1 metric tonnes. By 2030, the UK aim is for almost all UK electricity to be sourced from low-carbon energy supplies.

4 Ways We Can Increase the use of Renewable Energy Sources

It is really easy to reduce the amount of energy we use; remembering to turn off lights and appliances we aren’t using, cycling and find other means to warm up rather than heating. Now, we need to be supporting more people to use renewable energy sources:

  • Every new-build house should be built with renewable energy sources.
  • Installation of renewable energy sources into current households should be highly promoted and encouraged.
  • Build more electric cars, rather than petrol and diesel.
  • Discuss renewable energy – renewable energy was a largely undiscussed topic several years back, even though we’re still fighting for a sustainable future, it needs to become ordinary rather than a luxury.

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Do you think renewable energy is the way forward to save our planet? Do you believe it would make a difference to climate change? I’d love to know your thoughts. 

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