5 Simple Ways You Can Be Eco-Friendly Every Day

How to be eco-friendly every day

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Taking care of the environment is a responsibility we are all born with, but very few live up to it. Fortunately, this task is being recognised by many and measures are now being taken to ensure the environment is protected. Change is only possible through incorporation of eco-friendly practices on a daily basis.

Mentioned below are five simple ways you can be eco-friendly. They can help an individual live an environmentally conscious lifestyle and display eco-friendly behaviour every single day.

1.Find a Proper Waste Collection Service

Most of us just put our rubbish in black bags and put them out for the garbage disposal trucks to carry away, and don’t care about where it ends up later. Instead of just throwing everything away without due car, you can make use of various waste collection companies that collect your trash from your office or your own home and dispose it in an eco-friendly way that involves reducing, reusing and recycling the garbage. You can also sleep peacefully knowing that this act of yours is contributing positively towards the environment.

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2. Be Prepared to Conserve as Much a Possible 

We are often wasting precious resources unintentionally on a daily basis. The water that runs an extra two minutes while we brush our teeth or the additional light sources we keep switched on as we like the place to be ‘bright’ – contributes to loss of water and electricity. Closing the tap and switching off the extra lights will do no harm to our daily routine, but will, in fact, make us more efficient and at the same time save crucial energy resources.

3. Change you Mode of Transportation 

You would be shocked by the number of harmful gases that are emitted each time you take your car for an errand that only takes ten minutes. By choosing to avoid driving your own car and using public transport whenever possible will reduce the harmful greenhouse gases you are responsible for.

Bike to places that are closer to your location or walk if the weather allows you to. Take a bus within the city or fly to other towns and cities. Adopting fuel-efficient modes of transport is beneficial for your health and for the health of our planet.

Be more eco - ride to work

4. Be Sure to Read the Label

We often do not realise the number of harmful substances that are present in some of the products we use. The chemicals found in most paints, oil, and other chemically produced substances are toxic for the environment and are a major cause of water and air pollution. The polluted water and air then have critical consequences on the health of both humans and animals.

Not to mention, the plants that absorb the harmful substances only to be later consumed by humans and animals. Being aware of the chemicals mixed with the products you use will help contribute towards an eco-friendly environment. Always read the labels and try to buy from brands that are eco-friendly.

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5. Join Pro-Environment Groups and Movements 

5 simple ways you can be eco-friendly every day Being a part of a group that is focused on creating a greener environment and reducing the toxicity present in the atmosphere is yet another way to make a contribution. These groups focus on spreading awareness and taking greener initiatives.

If we possess in-depth knowledge about what impacts the environment and the steps that can be taken to avoid further damage, we will be able to pass off authentic knowledge to others who are less knowledgeable in this regard.

These five tips are enough to set you on the right track towards creating a greener environment. The eco-friendly methods are easy to adopt and once they become a crucial element of our lifestyle, the chances of us returning to our old habits are significantly reduced.

Gina Caro

Green Rosie Life

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6 thoughts on “5 Simple Ways You Can Be Eco-Friendly Every Day”

  1. Good article. I especially like your tip on #4 Be Prepared to Read the Label. That is something that I think is very important and being able to understand what it all means. We need to know what we are consuming and buying. Visiting from #GoingGreen Linky. Sharing your article on Pinterest

  2. Recylcyling and waste dispopsal is a huge bug bear of mine. We have to use the local service, and it’s a bit rubbish, pardon the pun. They don’t recycle certain things, and they don’t take certain items that COULD be recycled. Also, the stuff they don’t recycle we have to take to a place to get it sorted but it’s a 45 minute drive to a place we don’t go very often and I don’t drive… If we paid for a private service to get rid of our rubbish it would cost a huge amount. It’s crazy really.

  3. I love this post as it takes eco-living to the next level, asking us all to question things more and find better solutions. All too often people think they are doing the right thing by recycling but actually recycling is far from being a solution and cutting back is the way forward. Or they do not question what they do /buy every day to see if a small change in their lifestyle could make a big difference to the world.

    A great post to add to the #GoingGreenLinky, thank you!

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