7 Days to Simplify

7 Days To Simplify your Life

A free eCourse by Georgina Caro: helping you to live a more sustainable & simple life by breaking it down into simple steps. 


Do you constantly find yourself feeling overwhelmed with life?


Are you struggling to get a good nights sleep?

No control?

Would you like to take back control of your own life?

About 7 Days To Simplify

This free email course runs over 7 days. You will receive a new email with a new topic each day.  Included in the course is a bonus workbook which you can download from my website. Plus you’ll get access to our Gypsy Soul Facebook group. 

Getting the basics right! Course Content

Day One: Setting Goals

How to set goals and actually achieve them! Goals give you something to aim for. It’s a way of clearing through the noise in your head and pulling out what is most important to you.

Day Two: Decluttering

How to declutter once and for all! You cannot gain clarity when you are surrounded by mess.

“When your room is clean and uncluttered you have no choice but to examine your inner state” – Marie Kondo

Day Three: Organise

Having an organised home is the key to a simple life. When everything has its own space in your home you always know where everything is.

"Many many thanks for a most valuable opportunity to reflect and create more space and meaning"

6th October 2019

Setting New Foundations! Course Content

Day Four: Creating Rituals

People often confuse rituals with habits. They are not the same thing. A habit is something that you do unconsciously without meaning or purpose. A ritual is something that you do intentionally with purpose by following a certain set of actions.

Day Five: Reassessing

Limiting negativity & reevaluating your relationships! Human beings have this awful habit of holding onto things that no longer serve us. It all boils down to a fear of letting go but if you truly want to lead a simpler life then you have to learn to let go.

Day Six: Unplugging

The average person spends 2+ hours every single day on social media! We do not know how to consciously consume in this new world. We repeatedly binge on social media and then suffer for it afterwards. Find out how to unplug. 

"I found the technique for replacing negative thoughts with positive ones really useful. It is something I have tried before but the way you explained it so clearly made it work for me this time"

13th September 2019

Moving Forward! Course content

Day Seven: Gratitude

When we get overwhelmed it can be hard to see the wood through the trees. We become so bogged down and consumed with life that we forget to celebrate the good things.

By practising gratitude we are recognising and acknowledging those good times.

"The course was like a daily reminder what my current mission in life is. It’s just to get it as simple as possible...

Thanks to the course I tried to do one small step a day to simplify my life. Decluttering your house is decluttering your mind too! I’ve done a lot, but there’s more to be done."
12th September 2019

My Simplifying Story...

My name is Georgina Caro.

Over the last  5 years, we have been on a mission to drastically change our lives.

Our ultimate aim was to minimize, simplify and just enjoy life more. It has been a hard and long process but we finally feel like we’ve got to where we want to be.


Back in 2016, I began the process of decluttering our life and I’m proud to say that I’ve now got rid of around 75% of our stuff.


In 2017 we finally took the plunge and downsized our home. It was, hands down, the best decision we have ever made!

By moving to our ‘downsized’ home we paid off all of our short-term debt and reduced our mortgage by 10 years. We also dramatically reduce our monthly outgoings.

With the extra money, we intend to make over-payments on our mortgage to further reduce the repayment time.

Our aim is to be mortgage free by the time I’m in my late forties. By reducing our overheads and minimizing our life we have taken a huge amount of stress out of our daily life.

We like to work on the basis that…

“The less you have, the less you have to lose”