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Blogging for Beginners - Free eCourse start a blog

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When I first started blogging in 2011 I really didn’t have a clue what I was doing. For me, it was mainly a process of trial and error. I really wasn’t prepared for the vast amount of new skills I would have to learn.

Over the years I have grown my blog and I’m now at a point where I make a decent amount of money every month from it. I constantly get asked how it’s possible to make money from a blog but there really isn’t one answer to that question.

Different bloggers make money in different ways it’s just a case of finding what works for you and your readers. The most important thing, however, is to first build your brand.

One of the things that I love most about blogging is that you are in control. If you just want to blog as a hobby that is fine. If you want to make a bit of extra money on the side that’s also fine. However, if you want to turn your blog into your full-time career that is also totally possible.

Personally, I love the flexibility that blogger gives me. As a working Mum, I am still able to pick my kids up every day from school. I can still go to all of their shows/plays/matches without having to book time off work.

Examples of Full-Time Bloggers Earning 6 Figures

Still not convinced? Here are some examples of bloggers earning 6 figures from their blogs…

Honest Mum – How I Earn 6 Figures Blogging and Vlogging and You Can Too

Emma Drew – Emma earns over £6,000 a month. Check out her income reports

Melyssa Griffin – Earnt a whopping $283,680 just in December 2016

Michelle from Making Sense of Cents made $979,321 in 2016 from blogging

Start a blog today!

This is just a limited example of the potential that blogging can bring if you’re willing to put in the work. Blogging is certainly not a get rich quick profession but with time, effort and good advice you can certainly get there.

I started earning from my blog after 6 months, some bloggers earn money within the first month and some take a few years. It really does depend on how much time you put into it to start with.

I’m hoping that this course will help to propel you forward in the right direction.

Blogging for Beginners 

blogging for beginners free ecourse

Blogging for Beginners - Free eCourse. Start your own blog today! Over the years since I have started blogging I have helped lots of people set up their own blogs. So I thought it was time to put all of the information together into one course.

A friend asked me why I would give away all of this information for free and the simple answer is I enjoy helping people! I also remember how hard I struggled when I first started my blog. If I can help others to navigate the first stages of blogging then that can only be a good thing, right?

My aim for this course is to help you through the first steps of setting up and creating your own blog.

What’s included in this free course

Here are the topics that we will cover during this course…

Lesson One: Setting up your Blog
Lesson Two: Designing your Blog
Lesson Three: Adding Pages & Creating your First Blog Post
Lesson Four: Links, Images & Categories
Lesson Five: Plugins & Basic SEO
Lesson Six: Joining the Blogger Community
Lesson Seven: Promoting your Blog & Social Media
Lesson Eight: Reviews, Giveaways & Sponsored Posts
Lesson Nine: Blog Etiquette

Lesson Ten: Top Tips from Other Bloggers

The course is designed for you to go at your own pace. There are no deadlines or tests. I’d suggest creating a separate folder in your emails to save each lesson so that you can go back to them whenever you need to.


Blogging for Beginners Facebook Group

As well as this free course I have also set up a Blogging for Beginners Facebook group which members of the course are more than welcome to join. It’s a place for new bloggers to share experiences and ask questions.

One thing that I have found with blogging is it’s extremely beneficial to find your blogging tribe. Something that we also cover in this course. Working from home can be very isolating and you can take great comfort in the fact that there are others out there working on their blogs just like you.

Blogging for Intermediates Coming Soon!

Due to the popularity of the course, I have already started working on my Blogging for Intermediates course which will be launching soon! Check back soon for updates.


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