Diggerland Devon Review

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Diggerland devonA few weekends ago we were lucky enough to be invited along to Diggerland in Devon.

I had never been before so I was looking forward to seeing what it was all about. I’m not sure who was more excited about going the kiddies or the other half! From the minute we pulled into the car park everyone seemed to go into hyper mode!

Diggerland in Devon review


The first thing that kids wanted to do when we got there was play on the park (typical! We could of done that anywhere!) In the park there is a really tall aerial walkway with 3 big slides, a fun house, a sandpit and some real vehicles that the children can get in and play on.

diggerland devon

From an adult perspective the park did look like it could do with a few updates and a lick of paint but the kiddies didn’t care about that and they had great fun.

After we finally coaxed them out of the park we actually got to go on some diggers!

Hoop a Duck

The hoop a duck was a firm favourite with ours…

Diggerland Devon Hoop a Duck

I was slightly concerned that it would be too boy orientated and that Lj would get bored but I needn’t have worried, she got stuck right in and she particulalry enjoyed driving a jeep.

Diggerland Devon

There were lots of rides to go on as well as diggers.

diggerland devon

The Food

When the rain started to come down we decided it would be a good time to have some lunch in the cafe. The menu was very simple with things like burgers, nuggets and chips. The food was good and the kiddies ate all of it which is always a bonus!

diggerland food

The good thing about the cafe area is that there is an indoor ball pit and bouncy castle for, if like us, you get caught out by rain. There is also a small computer arcade which kept our two entertained while we had a quiet cup of tea.

Diggerland Devon

When the rain subsided we ventured outside again and had a go on some of the rides we had missed.

Diggerland Devon

Diggerland Devon

Diggerland Devon

Diggerland Devon

If you visit remember to pop into the shop before you leave to get your Diggerland certificates and check out some of the fab bits that they have for sale, like their very cool bright yellow Diggerland wellies which I now wish I had bought 🙁

digerland certificates

All in all, we had a really lovely day at Diggerland and we’re looking forward to going back soon!

Diggerland Devon

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5 thoughts on “Diggerland Devon Review”

  1. We’ve been thinking about going to one of the diggerlands, sounds like you guys enjoyed it. My son would be all over the vehicles in the playground. Your little girl does look very happy in the pictures.

  2. Emma from over at LIFE AS IT IS

    It actually looks like it IS all it’s cracked up to be. What fun!
    That merry go round is brilliant!
    A lovely mix of photos too, which I feel always make a review.

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