Ecoegg Laundry Egg – Kind to your Environment, Pocket & Skin

Ecoegg laundry egg

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You may have noticed that I have a lot fewer review posts on my blog these days. This is mainly because we are trying to live a more minimalistic lifestyle. We now only ever buy something if we really need it or feel it will better our life in some way. 

That is why when I heard about something that not only claims to be better for the environment but also better for your health and wallet, my ears pricked up. I had to try this product.

I posted an image of the Ecoegg last week on social media and I had a lot of questions about it. Below I have tried to answer as many as I can but if you have any others leave me a comment below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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What is an Ecoegg Laundry Egg 

The Ecoegg is called ‘The Natural Detergent Breakthrough’. It’s a complete replacement for your normal laundry detergent. It’s long lasting and dermatologically tested.

In 2016, Ecoegg was awarded the Queen’s Award For Enterprise, recognising it’s ground-breaking innovation and success.

Ecoegg review

Ecoegg pellets

Ecoegg laundry egg review

How Does It Work 

The Ecoegg is so easy to use! You simply fill it with the pellets that you have been supplied with and place it into the drum with your clothes. You then use the wash cycle that you normally would (although nothing above 60 degrees) and that’s it!

If you are doing a lot of washes in one day you can simply keep the egg in the washing machine until you are done. When you have finished all of your washing leave the egg on the side overnight to dry.

For more information on how it works visit the Ecoegg website.

How Long Does it Last 

Find out how you can save money and reduce the amount of chemicals in your home with an EcoeggDepending on which egg package you buy will depend on how long the pellets last. We got a *720 washes packet which will last us for 3 years! 720 washes are 3 year’s worth of laundry for the average family.

Obviously, this will depend on a few factors including the hardness of your water, the load size and the length of the wash cycle.

When you first get your egg you will need to fill it with the pellets. They require 1 packet of the grey pellets, which you don’t need to replace and 3 packets of the white pellets. These will need to be topped up approximately every 72 washes.

Does It Wash Well 

The short answer to that is yes. Our clothes have come out clean and fresh with every wash. So far I have done a weeks worth of washing with my egg, that’s 5 washes for us.

To really put the egg to the test I even washed the dog’s bed with it and it came out the same as it would with my normal detergent, although with none of the strong chemical fragrance smell to it.

I have also washed all of our bedding with it and again I’m very happy with the results.

How Much Does it Cost

The cost of your Ecoegg will vary depending on where you buy it from. Generally, the 720 washes packet is around £19.99. However, I have found it on sale at the *Ethical Superstore for only £15.99!

I’m not sure how long it will be on sale for that price so if you do want one it might be worth getting one sooner rather than later.

You can buy a 54 washes pack, a 210 washes pack or a 720 washes pack. Once you have used all of the pellets you can buy refills.

How Much Will I Save by Switching to an Ecoegg 

On the Ecoegg website, they have a really handy system to help you work out how much you will save by switching to an Ecoegg.

How much can you save by switching to an Ecoegg

The is how much we would personally save by making the switch…

Usual detergent = £9.99

Number of washes = 70

£9.99 / 70 = 14p per wash with normal detergent

Price paid for Ecoegg = £15.99

Number of washes with egg = 720

£15.99 / 720 = 2p per wash with the Ecoegg

14p – 2p = 12p saving on each wash

12 x 720 = £86.40 total saving (in 3 years) using the Ecoegg

That’s under 3p per wash. I’d say that is a pretty good saving!

I thought it was worth mentioning here that we get a great deal on the detergent we use. Most supermarkets charge a lot more than £9.99 for 70 washes. So your potential saving could be a lot more than ours!

Why is it Better for the Environment and your Skin

The Ecoeggs don’t contain any harsh chemicals, petrochemicals, optimisers, bleaches or ammonia that most normal detergents contain. It’s 100% hypoallergenic meaning it’s safe for most sensitive skin including babies and children.

All parts of the Ecoegg are made from 100% recyclable material. Unwanted pellets need to be disposed of in the general waste.

Will the EcoEgg Harm my Washing Machine 

No, the egg is safe to use with all washing machines. It’s made from soft durable rubber.

Ecoegg Video Review 

Check out this short video I made of me using my egg.

Win an Ecoegg 

Enter below for a chance to win your own Ecoegg. Please note I’m not running this giveaway I’m simply sharing it here on my blog.

Eco Egg Bundle

Detoxing your Washing Machine Before Using Ecoegg

The people behind Ecoeggs recommend that you detox your washing machine before you start using your egg. This is because normal detergents can leave a residue build up in your machine. If not removed they can cause a bad odour. Normal detergent will mask these smells due to the chemicals in them.

However, as the Ecoegg doesn’t have any strong fragrances they won’t mask those smells. That is why they recommend detoxing your machine first to remove any residue build up.

As well as the eggs they also sell washing machine detox tablets. I used them for our machine and was very happy with the results. They come in a pack of 6 which is a 3 year supply. They recommend detoxing your machine every 6 months.

ecoegg washing machine detox tablets

In Conclusion 

I’m really happy with our Ecoegg so far and love that we are not only saving money but also further reducing the number of chemicals we put on our skin and use in our home.

Grab your own Ecoegg today on the *Ethical Superstore website.

P.S. I was also sent some Ecoegg dryer eggs ‘the breakthrough in tumble dryer technology’. They speed up tumble dryer which can save you even more money. My review for these will follow shortly.

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8 thoughts on “Ecoegg Laundry Egg – Kind to your Environment, Pocket & Skin”

    1. Hi Katy, I’m still monitoring it just to check it’s still working efficiently and so far so good. I’ve been using it for nearly 4 weeks now and I’m still happy with it

  1. I have used similar products in the past with great success … then my children reached the really mucky toddler stage and I did find that at the time the laundry balls I had were not good enough. Now though I am seriously thinking about revisiting them for a second time and will look to see what is available here in France. Popping by via both #wastelesswednesday and my own #GoingGreenLinky.

    1. Hi Rosie, I have spoken to a few people that use the Ecoeggs and some have suggested doing a white wash on 60 degrees just to make sure they stay white. I may need to do this in the future but at the moment it seems to be working well.

      My daughter did manage to cover herself in paint the other day and it didn’t come off in the wash. I’m going to try again but on a hotter wash and with stain remover put on the dress first. Fingers crossed it works!

  2. This sounds like a very economical and environmentally friendly product. Will it work in the new washer that don’t have the agitator to them and you are suppose to put a small amount of laundry detergent on the bottom of the washer? In the US is you buy a new washer machine that is all they sell. Congratulations on being featured on #WasteLessWednesday Thanks for sharing your information. I am pinning and tweeted. Have a healthy, happy & blessed day!

    1. Hi Marla,
      I haven’t heard about those new washing machines but I’m guessing they will still work in those ones. If you wanted to you contact Ecoegg, I’m sure they would be able to give you more information about that.

      No, you’re not supposed to put anything other than the Ecoegg in the machine. You can use fabric softener though if you wish. Ecoegg sells that too. Personally, we don’t use it though.

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  3. definately considering this as giving up work next month to spend more time with my children so money saving ideas are most welcome and love idea it is gentle of the enviroment and the skin 🙂

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