Gatsby Party Invites

Gatsby Party Invites

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For my 30th birthday I am having a Gatsby themed party. I have already started planning for the event as a lot of our family live in the South East so they need to book hotel rooms and so on for when they come down.

I have been busy this week sorting out the invitations.

Gatsby Party Invites

Gatsby Party Invites

Gatsby Party Invites

Gatsby Party Invites

I went with a gold a black colour scheme to fit in with my theme and I spent most of my weekend making my glittery envelopes to match.

Stress Free Print

To make the Gatsby party invites I used a company called StressFreePrint.

Stress Free Print

‘At first sight may seem like any other online printing company. Essentially we put ink on paper, just like everyone else. But dig a little deeper and you’ll discover there are some very important differences.’

Ordering my invites was really simple…

  1. First I created my design on my computer
  2. I went onto the site and chose the product that I wanted. In this case it was flat invitations
  3. Reviewed and placed my order
  4. I uploaded my own design to the site

stress free print

It was that easy! After I had placed my order I received an email from the company letting me know that the artwork I had supplied was quite a low resolution and would I like their artwork team to take a look and see if they can improve it? I thought this was great customer service and of course I agreed.

The delivery was very fast and came neatly packed in a box to prevent any scuffs or damage.

The invites were really good quality and the print itself was faultless. I’d definitely recommend StressFreePrint if you are planning a birthday party or event yourself.

Gatsby Party Invites

Make your own Gatsby party invites

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6 thoughts on “Gatsby Party Invites”

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  3. HI Gina,

    I see your post was over a year ago but I just had a few questions about your product. It looks as though your invites have gold foil on them, is that correct? If so is that an option you choose from to get that? About how long did it take to get your product? And do you know if they ship to the US?


    1. Hi Lauren,

      I have some answers to your questions…
      There isn’t any gold foil on them it’s just printed, although the print quality is very good.
      The invites arrived within a few days. I believe that they also have a 24hour delivery service.
      I’m not sure if they ship to the US but if you email then on I’m sure someone there will be able to tell you.

      They really were lovely invites and I was very happy with the result. I hope that helps?

      1. Hey Gina, these invitations would be so perfect for my 21st birthday party and I was wondering how and if it was ok if I could use the same ones? If I can how do I go about that?

        1. Hi Jamie, StressFreePrint created the invites for me in the end as the ones I created were very low resolution. If you go to their site there is an option you can tick called ‘I want your designers to create my artwork’. If you click on that you can then tell them what design you would like.

          Feel free to show them this post so they can copy the design they used for mine. I hope that helps?

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