How To Transform a Chalkboard Wall using Chalk Markers

How To Transform a Chalkboard Wall using Chalk Markers

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I am always on the hunt for easy and low-cost ways to improve our home. Tell me I’m not alone in this?

One very easy way of transforming any room in your home is to create a chalkboard wall and then use chalkboard markers to create something unique to you.

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Where to Have a Chalkboard Wall

You can create a chalkboard wall wherever you like in your home but some of the most popular places include kitchens, playrooms and kids bedrooms.

They can be great in the kitchen for writing to do lists or menu planning. They also work really well in kids room as they can draw their own designs on it using the chalkboard markers.

You don’t have to paint an entire wall you can just paint one section of it.

How to Create a Chalkboard Wall

Step One: Buy Enough Paint to do the Job

As a rule, you will generally need at least two coats of paint on your wall so make sure you have enough to start with. There is nothing worse than painting a wall and running out of paint halfway through.

Step Two: Preparation is Key

Always prepare your wall first! The last thing you want to do is rush into it and get chalkboard paint in places where you don’t want it. Use painters tape or an equivalent product to border the area you wish to paint, this should help to keep the paint in the right place.

Before you start painting also make sure you have removed any hooks or nails from the wall so that you get a nice smooth finish.

Place and old sheet on the floor to catch any drips.

Step Three: Edging Paint

Once you have bought your paint and prepared your wall you are reading to start painting. The first thing you should do is paint on the edging around the wall edges and ceiling. Pour your chalkboard paint into a small container and use a brush to apply.

Apply two coats of edging paint.

Transform a chalkboard wall using chalk markers

Step Four: Time to Roll 

The next step is to pour your paint into your paint tray and roll your roller in it. Don’t overload the roller though as it won’t go on evenly on the wall. Complete a small area at a time.

Step Five: Second Coat

The final stage is, once your first coat has dried, to repeat the process again with the second coat and you’re done!

Top Tip

  • If you want to add an extra wow factor to your wall, first paint with magnetic paint. This works especially well in kitchens or kids room where you also want to hang notes or their latest masterpiece with magnets. The same as you do on the fridge.

Magnetic Paint has tiny particles of iron dust in it and the magnets are attracted to the particles. You use the paint as a primer before you paint on any other paint. If you do decide to include magnet paint in your feature wall you can then use magnets to display notes, artwork, party invites, shopping lists or whatever you like.

How To Transform a Chalkboard Wall using Chalk Markers

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Transform a Chalkboard Wall using Chalk Markers

Now you have your shiny new chalkboard wall you’ll want to actually do something with it. Traditional chalk really isn’t the best option as it’s pretty messy and most of the time snaps whilst you are using it.

A much better way to write on your new wall is by using chalkboard markers.
You can find chalk markers in a variety of different sizes and colours. The ones pictured above are one of the top selling brands on and Amazon UK & Germany.

These particular markers are great for any kind of Non-Porous Surface (Like Chalkboard, Windows, Labels, Jars, Paper etc). The Pens are non-Toxic, water based – Wet wipe and can be erased easily using a wet cloth, which makes them perfect for kiddies.

Find out more: About these *chalkboard markers here.

Jumbo Size Chalk Markers

As well as the standard size pens you can also buy them in *jumbo size which may be better suited for younger hands or for anyone that wants thicker lines. They have the power of 30 markers and 8 times more ink!

Find out more: about these *jumbo chalk markers here. 

Benefits of using Chalkola Chalkboard Markers

  • Kid Safe
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Non-Toxic
  • Xylene Free
  • Odor Free
  • Water Based Ink (easily erased using a wet wipe cloth)
  • Vibrant, Bright & Bold
  • Used on a variety of surfaces (mason jars, DIY projects, mirror, calendar etc)

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How to Care for you Chalkboard Wall

I thought I’d finish with a bit of maintenance information for your new chalkboard. To help you keep it fresh.

  • To clean your board just use a damp rag or cloth.
  • Make sure the item you use to clean the board is soft to avoid creating scratches or marks.
  • If you have been using standard chalk and are struggling to get your chalkboard completely clean then I have been told that coke, as in the drink, works wonders on it! Please note I haven’t tried this myself but I know others that have.


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  1. I’d love to win the chalkboard markers for me. They’ll be great to add something extra to my baking cupboard with homemade tags and my office could do with a little brightening up too! x

  2. This looks like a great idea. My wife is a childminder, and we have a playroom the children use. I think they would all love to use this, and hopefully it would help stop crayon randomly appearing on our walls!

  3. I would love to win these for my little grand-daughter. I look after her every morning and I’m always on the lookout for fun activities – these look great!

  4. I’d like to win the pens for myself – along with some chalkboard finish vinyl I have just got hold of, they would be wonderful for adding hand written sentiments to the cards I make

  5. Love this idea. My teen is redecorating her room at the moment and she is really keen on doing this so she can use it as a thinking out loud wall for homework projects.

    I’d love to win the pens for her.

  6. I would love these for my son and I. He has a chalkboard wall in his bedroom. I know he’d love these and I can use them to draw the frames around the laminated pictures on my cream chalkboard wall in our hall!

  7. Great post! A chalkboard wall would certainly come in handy when the children come round. I think it gives the kids a sense of rebellion – knowing they’re actually allowed to draw on the walls. Though let’s just hope they don’t assume all walls are chalkboard walls!

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