Live Life Challenge

live life challenge

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As part of my ongoing early midlife crisis live life challenge I have decided to set myself a task; each month I am going to try something that I have never done before. It could be anything like a new experience, a day out, learning a new skill or trying a new food. How amazing would that be at the end of the year to of done 12 things that you have never experienced before! It makes that year a little more interesting, no?

It’s no secret that I get bored very quickly, much to the other half’s despair. I think he spends his life in constant fear that I’ll wake up one morning and say something like ‘Let’s sell everything, move to Africa and create a sanctuary for orphaned elephants’. I believe this may be a way to curb that boredom without doing anything as drastic as uprooting our entire lives on a whim.

live life challenge

I’m going to use sites such as Groupon for inspiration with there Thing’s To Do section. They have all sorts of things on there like range shooting experiences to vineyard tours and wine tasting.

I’m going to set myself a budget of no more than £25 each month, I may have to change this later, I’ll see how I get on. It’s all to do with my new life motto of ‘collect memories not things’.

In my pre-children days I use to do all sorts of new things all the time, which obviously you cannot do once you have little people to love and look after but surely I can manage one new thing a month right? At the moment one new thing a month sounds pretty easy but the month’s seem to roll by so fast that I’m not entirely sure I’ll manage it. I am willing to give it a go though and I’m pretty sure I’ll have fun trying.

If you are interested you can follow how I get on on my social media channels. I’ll be using the hashtag #LiveLifeChallenge and if anyone wants to join in that would be great! I’d love to see what you get up to.

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