Reusing And Recycling Household Items For Gardening

Recycled tire for the garden

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This is a guest post by Emily from the blog Love Backyard.

We all like to keep our gardens beautiful in a pocket-friendly budget. So here are some ideas to reuse and recycle various household items in your garden.

Egg Carton Seedling Starter

Egg cartons are the perfect containers to plant seeds that can be later transferred to pots. You can place them either in your kitchen or your balcony (indoor space is preferable).

Take a half-dozen or dozen carton and carefully cut off the lid part. Now you will have a tray like a container with depressions. Use a safety pin or a thumb pin to puncture a small hole in each of the depression. Now your carton is ready to fill the soil evenly into it. You can place one seed at each depression.

Be careful while watering the carton. Excess water might wash away the seeds. Once the seedling is ready to grow in a pot, you may remove it from the carton.

Egg carton seedling starters

Scoop From A Milk Jug 

Scoop (shovel) is a device that is used for various gardening activities. It is helpful to place the soil in pots, to dig small plant holes, etc. It avoids the mess created otherwise. You can follow the steps below to make your shovels from used milk jugs.

You can use either the half-gallon or the gallon jugs. Take a jug of your choice and cut off the spout part from it. Draw a line around the jug leaving 1-2 inches space from the handle. Cut along that line using a pair of scissors. Now you have the best ready to take to work!

Scoop form a milk jug

Creative Containers 

You can recycle a wide range of old containers to use as pots. Any container you choose must have a few drainage holes to let out excess water. You can give a vintage look to your garden by using old water tanks or coal buckets.

You can use old paint tins or food tins for pots. Redesign them by using vibrant colours of oil paint. Old sacks are best used to grow root vegetables such as carrots and beetroots. Old grocery store bags, bathtubs, shoes and vanity bags are also modifiable as containers to grow plants. You can keep changing these containers when new ideas pop in your mind.

Creative containers Reuse tins

Create your Compost 

Reusing and recycling for the garden This might not be one of the fun activities to do, but it is a productive one. Nothing can impact the nutrients to your plants like homemade organic compost.

To begin with, start collecting dry leaves, fruits, and vegetable peels. You must have enough material to create a pile of 3-4 feet. You can add coffee grounds, shredded paper, and sawdust to your collection.

It is better to collect the green and brown wastes separately. Lay them in alternate layers in your garden. Sprinkle enough water to maintain a consistency of the damp sponge. Keep in mind that too much water will spoil the compost. Stir the pile regularly to increase the speed of decomposition.

Your compost will be ready to use when the temperature in the centre of the compost is between 130 and 150 Fahrenheit. For how to prepare compost as well as growing an organic garden.

Create your own compost

Recycling Old Tires 

You must be having some old car tires in your garage. Redesign them by painting with some exuberant colours. You can use it as a chair by attaching wooden planks on its openings. You can also use them as pots. I recommend you to grow some ornamental plants rather than vegetables. This will keep you away from the harmful chemicals used in the tire.

Place a polyethene sheet in the inner opening of the tire to create a surface. Fill its water to grow some water plants. You can maintain this like an artificial pond by decorating it with stones. Make sure to change the water at regular intervals. This will help to avoid the growth of unwanted insects and fungi.

Recycling old tires

Wooden Planks for Various Purposes 

You might find some long wooden planks while cleaning your store room. Here are a few methods to recycle them in your garden. You can build your compost bins using these wooden planks. Garden fleece and structures to hold netting are other applications of these planks.

If you have some skills with the soldering tools, you can also make trays to grow green leaves. Use a pair of reliable chainsaw gloves to maintain safety and hygiene while working. The best source for wood is the scaffolding planks. They can be durable as well as disposable when they show signs of wearing off.

Reuse wooden planks

Make Pavements Using Recycled Bricks

Well, you might have to put some efforts in fetching these red bricks. But trust me they are worth all your effort as they will beautify your garden. The easiest way to buy them is to find someone around you who is selling them for a low price. Or you can get lucky if you have an acquaintance who wants to get rid of those old bricks already.

You can bring them home and use to make a path in your garden. You can arrange them all by yourself within a few hours.

Making a pavement using recycled bricks

I hope these ideas will help you to make your garden more attractive and productive! These are some of the best ways to reduce waste from your surroundings. Stay tuned for more interesting articles.

Gina Caro

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