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This is a collaborative post with Buy A Cow. 

Becoming a vegetarian again or going vegan simply isn’t an option for me at the moment due to my health issues. I’ve already lost a lot of weight and if I cut out meat I think I’d be in serious trouble. 

I am, however, very aware of the environmental impact of eating meat. So my plan instead of giving up meat altogether is to eat less meat and make sure it’s from a sustainable source.

Who Are Buy A Cow? 

Buy A Cow is an online company that connects you to local, ethical farmers who rear grass-fed cattle with no hormones, chemicals or preventative antibiotics.

Buy A Cow‘ is home to a unique community of people passionate about premium meat that is healthy, globally sustainable — and above all ethical at heart and delicious in taste.’

Our concept is simple: eat less meat, eat quality traceable meat. 100% British, ethical, pasture fed meat. Delivered to your doorstep.

sustainable beef

How Does Crowdbutching Work?

  1. Order your meat by clicking one of the ethically-reared cows shown on the homepage
  2. Once that cow is 100% crowdfunded your cow is transported to an artisan butcher
  3. The meat is then matured for 3 weeks in order to develop its premium texture and flavour
  4. The meat gets packaged up & boxed using fully recyclable & biodegradable wool fibre cartons
  5. You meat then gets delivered to you for free in a refrigerated van

Buy A Cow sustainable meat

The cow you have crowdfunded will only be sent for slaughter once it has been 100% crowd-purchased; this currently takes about a week in England.

Buy a Cow sustainable meat

Our meat arrived in a cardboard box with two ice packs (which I have reused) and was wrapped in recyclable & biodegradable wool fibre which I thought was pretty cool.

Wool Cool Lets Box Clever

Buy a cow sustainable meat

The meat itself is wrapped in plastic packaging but I’m guessing that is unavoidable until a better alternative is developed?

sustainable meat boxes

Meat boxes

Once you have your meat it’s advised to freeze anything you aren’t going to use straight away. Personally, we froze everything the day it arrived. You will need to make some room for your meat.

Sustainable Meat Boxes Prices 

You have the following meat box options to choose from…

  • Small Premium Box 3.5kg  £59.95 (14 meals)
  • Large Premium Box 6.7kg £99.95 (26 meals for two at just £3.84 per meal or £1.78 per person)

Here’s a screenshot of Buy A Cow’s meat price comparison chart so you can see how their prices compare to other supermarkets…

meat comparison price

Why Use Buy A Cow for Your Meat?

  • You know exactly where your meat has come from
  • The meat is environmentally sustainable
  • No wastage – All of the cow gets used
  • All of the meat is healthy, premium grade beef that is rich in antioxidants, vitamin E, and omega-3 fatty acids
  • None of the farmers administers hormones or preventative antibiotics to their cattle.
  • Buy A Cow don’t use any E Numbers, sugar, binding agents, dyes, preservatives, or chemicals often found in supermarket meats
  • All the meat is gluten-free
  • All the meat is 100% lactose-free
  • The meat is really good quality, much better than you get in the supermarkets.

why buy meat form buy a cow

My Thoughts on the Buy A Cow Meat Boxes 

Sustainable crowd sourced meat from Buy A Cow. Find out more by clicking the image. #SustainableLiving #EcoLifestyle #GreenLiving I’m really happy with our box. So far we’ve used the mince, one of the steaks and the sausages which I particularly liked. Although all of the meat was very good!

This type of meat is brilliant for my diet as I cannot eat anything processed or any meat that contains gluten or lactose.

I’m so fed up with checking ingredients lists on food to find that there are so many ‘extras’ added to our foods these days that are unnecessary. No wonder we all have health issues.

If like me, giving up meat completely just isn’t an option for you I’d highly recommend checking out the Buy A Cow website for more information on buying sustainable meat.

If you use the link above to make your first purchase in the next 10 days (started 21 Sept 2018), you’ll get £10 off your order.  

I love the fact that this meat is 100% natural with no hidden nasties. Would I buy meat from Buy A Cow again? Absolutely!



Buy A CowThis is a collaborative post with Buy A Cow. I was sent a meat box in return for my honest review of the product and service.

As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


Sustainable crowd- sourced meat from Buy A Cow. Fins out more by clicking the link #sustainablelifestyle #greenliving #ecolifestyle


Sustainable crowd sourced meat from Buy A Cow #sustainablelifestyle #simplelving #ecolifestyle

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